Saturday, June 25, 2011


RFDS Queensland division Brisbane base.
Over the past years the B200's and occasional PC12's from Charleville have been operating thousands of flights from taking elderley to hospitals,evacuations during the floods and of course MED1 which is the category for transferring critically ill patients to hospitals.
Over the past week thru BNE there was a total of 123 flights into and out of Brisbane airport.
VH-FDA,FDB,FDM,FDI,FDR,FDT,FDW,FDZ as well as PC12 FDM have been operating those flights.
As well as these flights our neighbours in NSW fly their Air Ambulance B200's to BNE regularly throughout the week to bring patients from country areas.VH-AMR was in on the 22nd from Coffs Harbour.

Well done to both these organizations who constantly require donations to keep them going.

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