Sunday, June 19, 2011

BNE a Aviation spotters paradise PART 1

A visit to BNE today showed the diversity of aircraft and airliners at this busy airport.
Everything from F28's to F100 of Alliance,Air Niugini,Germania,US AIR, Aviation Australia to DHL 757F,Heavylift 734F,Mineralogy MD-82'S,TOLL 733F and ATR 42F,Airlink B1900,Brindabella J41 and metroliners can be seen at this airport today and most days.
Brisbane has nearly 60 airlines from small carriers such as GWA and RFDS to the big boys such as China Southern,Qantas,Korean etc.It is a busy airport for GA,Fifo,Freight and Pax.Over 20 million pax will pass thru it's terminals this year.

Some photos of the above activity depicted below.

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