Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BNE past few days

Biz the past few days.
On Monday N703LH a G550 arrived from CNS.Yesterday Hawker 800 VH-OVE possibly a first time visitor.Today FA7X G-PVHT arrived from CBR.
Later today we expect Global 5000 N723AB to arrive .

Convair VH-PDW was in Monday evening and Alliance VH-FKY Fokker 50.
New Virgin 737-800 VH-YVD arrived on the weekend as well.
Today 2 AS65 helicopters landed VH-NAR and HRU from MCY and both departed to Chinchilla.

Rex have replaced VH-OLM with ZRL .They are Saab 340's.

Air Australia expands fleet

Air Australia Airways has confirmed it will add four additional aircraft to its fleet to make way for more domestic and international flights.

The airline has finalised lease agreements with International Lease Finance Corporation ILFC to take delivery of an initial two Airbus A330-200 aircraft. It will also reposition two of its 180 seat Airbus A320 aircraft from its European charter operation to Australia. The first of the aircraft arrives next month.

From 15 December, Air Australia starts its first flights on the highly competitive Melbourne-Brisbane-Melbourne main trunk route with seats selling from A$69 one-way including taxes.

Next month Air Australia also launches new low cost international services from Brisbane and Melbourne non-stop to Honolulu, Hawaii, priced from $499 one-way including taxes.

The airline plans to introduce Australia-China services in mid 2012 and this month lodged an application with the International Air Services Commission (IASC) for an allocation capacity to operate services between Australia and Vietnam.

Air Australia unveiled its new brand name, distinctive green and gold aircraft livery and new uniforms on 3 November.

MD and CEO Michael James said support from the general public and the travel industry has been overwhelming.

"Our team at Air Australia is doing an outstanding job and with the strong support of our travel industry partners we are currently tracking ahead of forecast and expect an operating profit this financial year," he said.

"We are very focussed on bedding down our new business model and the expansion of our fleet which will see our A320 fleet supporting our growing A330 international network," he said.

Note: Fares above are subject to availability and prices are one way, per person, including taxes.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

2 Beauties Today

Lan Chile first BNE visit i believe CC-CQE today diversion from SYD.

B-8266 Global 5000 at BNE today

Monday, November 21, 2011

Pelair aircraft at BNE yesterday

Metroliner VH-KDO yesterday
Metroliner VH-KEX
Saab 340 VH-EKD

Also here was metroliner VH-KAN .

These 4 aircraft along with Metro VH-KEU operate for Pelair on Charter pax flights including FIFO .

Sunday, November 20, 2011

BNE this arvo

Singapore taking off on RWY 01 this arvo on a cloudless sky.
HS-TKF on departure RWY 01 this arvo.
BNE received USAF C20F 91-0108 again today(pHOTO ABOVE) as well as N352BH a G4.

Past few days movements

Yesterday new B250 VH-FKB (First Beech 250 on the aussie register) operated TWB-BNE-RMA possibly a fifo service?
Also last night Challenger N604ST arrived from Asia.
USAF KC10 83-0079 arrived BNE from Richmond around 11am and departed to HNL.

On Friday new citation 550 VH-VDF made it's first BNE appearance.

Virgin new Boeing 737-800 VH-YVC went into service BNE-MEL also on Friday.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Extra Tiger flight

Tiger Airways will commence a 4th Daily flight MEL-BNE-MEL .The new flight will arrive BNE at 1905 hrs and depart at 1935 hrs.
4th flight starts 16th December 2011.

SKIP 017

73-1677 at YBBN yesterday
Photo Mick Raftery

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Columbia 300 at OOL yesterday

Columbia 300 N788W at OOL yesterday on a round the world trip.
Photo T.Magee


Hawker 900 xp at OOL yesterday from IVR.
Photo T.Magee

2 NEW 777'S visit BNE plus others

This morning Emirates operated A6-EGI into BNE for the first time on the EK 432/3 flight to and from DXB/SIN.

Yesterday Air New Zealand ZK-OKP operated the AKL-BNE-AKL NZ135/136 service.

2 foreign biz in today N662CP G5 arrived from PHKO and C-GCUL Cit 750 arrived from Majuro.

Special visitor today was 747-200 73-1677 .

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DELTA today diverted to BNE

N709DN DAL 16 this arvo on 01

More new flights

Brindabella will add a extra BNE-Tamworth flight from 21 November with a 3rd Monday flight.
FQ 603 1320 out of BNE into TMW at 1540
out of TMW 1605 into BNE at 1640 operated by a Metroliner.

Virgin will operate a Daily ex Sat BNE-Launceston flight for the summer school holidays period with E-190 equipment.DJ 1864 DLY EX SAT,SUN at 0930.Sundays it leaves at 0900.Flight returns at 1450 ex SAT.SUN .The sunday flights arrives back at 1420.

Air Australia schedules BNE-MEL announced

Basically 2 a day Mon-Fri BNE-MEL at 0910 and 1330
Weekends 1 a day Sat 0710 departs and Sunday 1410.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Movements today at BNE

Vee H Aviation metro VH-VEU operated Ballera to BNE this morning.A possible FIFO charter ?
Tonight it's sister ship VH-VEK metro arrived from Canberra.
This afternoon REX-Pelair Saabs operated BNE-MMU-EMD-BNE and BNE-HVB-EMD-BNE.
Both aircraft are still inbound back to BNE.
Local Saabs VH-EKD and VH-OLM operated these flights.

Biz today Citation VH-ING and Falcon 900's VH-LUL and N146EX.
Challenger N604AU
USAF G3 86-0403.

2nd Vee H metro VH-VEK operated CBR-BNE-SYD last night most likely a freight run.

USAF C17'S at BNE today

USAF C17 99-0170 at BNE today.
Photo Mick Raftery
USAF C17 08-8200 landing RWY 01 today
Photo Mick Raftery

BNE today

Fokker 70 VH-QQX operated BNE-EMD-BNE this am.
VH-YQC on departure off of 01 today.
Vee H Aviation Metro VH-VEU at BNE today
H4-BUS with Fly Solomons titles underneath.
Sharp Metro VH-HWR at YBBN today

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cit 550 VH-VDF at Archerfield yesterday

Jetstream Aviation new Citation 550 s/n 550-0649 at Archerfield yesterday.Lovely scheme on this very recently registered Citation.
Photo F.Nickelson

OOl movements 12 november

N36715(FL415) B350 at OOL yesterday
Photos Terry Magee

Navy Seahawk helicopter OOL-Enoggera

Saturday, November 12, 2011

BNE airport movements Thurs 10 Nov

BNE airport handled 636 aircraft movements last Thursday.Thursday appears to be the busiest day of the week over the past year.
A further 17 scheduled movements are planned on Thursdays over the next 2-3 months with SQ,VC,VA amongst those carriers planning more flights.
650 movements then are a definte possibility .

BNE yesterday and today

N36715 B300 arrived BNE from OOL at 1040 am
ZK-HPD BK17 Heli arrived from whereabouts unknown.It is shortly to leave for ROK.
N8141T B350 now with Wagners titles arrived yesterday from Roma and is about to head back there shortly.
Citation 750 VP-CFP is heading to BNE this arvo from Majuro.

Pelair-REX this week.

Pelair appears to have started a twice weekly BNE-EMD-BNE flight with a metro.VH-KAN has operated the service this week.
Dep BNE at 1700 Mon,Fri and returns to BNE at 2100 hrs.
Also a metro BNE-Middlemount-EMD-BNE flight on Thursdays departing at 1045 returning at 2100 hrs operated this week.
The normal Tue,Wed schedule operated by Saab 340 still operates.

The Wed,Thur BNE-Osborne mine flights also continue with SF340.

NEW 737'S through BNE

On Thursday VH-YVC 737-800 for Virgin Australia landed at 1530 on delivery.DJ 9080 was the flight number from Nandi.
Yesterday new Qantas 737-800 VH-VZU operated MEL-BNE-TSV-BNE -TSV.This was the innaugral routing for this brand new Boeing.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Yesterday-Bizjets galore

G5 N5585 arrived from PER
2 RAAF Challengers arrived
N701WH GLEX arrived from SYD
BBJ N835BA also from SYD
N3050 G5 departed to HNL
VH-SGY Hawker arrived.
VH-PSU Citation departed
VH-JLU Citation 550 MCY-BNE-NOU
VH-URR CL 600 arrived from CNS
Cit 525a VH-ZGP arrived and departed.
VH-EXQ Cit 680 from ESS

M-SNER at OOL this morning

This F2000 arrived at OOL earlier today from HLP.
Photo Terry Magee.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Toowoomba movements last week

Toowoomba Care Flight Bell 412 rescue helicopter
Photo Mick Raftery.
Quest Kodiak N502KQ at TWB.Very nice !
Photo Mick Raftery.

BNE biz today

G5 N3050 at BNE GA today
G5-SP VH-LAL of Little Aviation at BNE GA today
Brand new Citation 525A S/N 525A-0054 of Avesco of Mackay at BNE GA today
Citation 680 s/n 680-0072 of Executive Airlines at BNE GA today

V Australia retitling their 777's

Yesterday a 77W believed to be VH-VPD has had new Virgin Australia titles put on one side only on this aircraft.This was done in LA.
It appears as though new titles will be added firstly before repainting next year.

Some more FIFO

Yesterday REX-Pelair did a additional BNE-EMD flight.
HZL 9282 at 0600 and a additional flight HZL 9406 at 1745.
REX also did their weekly BNE-Osborne -BNE flight yesterday as well.
There is also a new B200 in our area VH-FKB of Red Jet Aviation only registered 2 weeks ago operated TWB-BNE-INJUNE this am.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BNE past few days

Over the past 2-3 days we have had 3 American registered Gulfstreams arrive.

N950CM G5 arrived at 1615 on Sunday.It departed yesterday for MEL.
Yesterday am N3050 G550 arrived from HNL.It is currently still here.
Yesterday Netjets G550 CS-DKF arrived from HNL and continued onto Perth.

Today in regards to FIFO, VH-QQX Alliance Fokker 70 did a new flight BNE-EMD-BNE as UTY 551 at 0645 back as UTY 552 at 0945.Also Brindabella Metro did a charter in from EMD this morning as well.Unfortunately i have no idea when this metro departed BNE.

China Southern first timer to BNE today was B-6111 .

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

BNE airport new carpark expansion

Domestic terminal new car park. Works are continuing on the 5,300 car spaces.
Photo above.

Brisbane Airport news

From BAC

BAC reports solid results for 2011 despite challenging year


Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Limited (BAC) today reported a net profit, before tax, un-realised gains and shareholder distributions, of $148 million, up from $142 million last year, reinforcing the company’s stability during a year that has seen world and local turmoil significantly impact travel and tourism numbers.

International passengers of 4.2 million were up 3.6% on FY10 while domestic passengers of 15.8 million were up 6%. The airport also recorded more than 20 million passengers in total through the terminals – a record despite challenging times – continuing the strong and sustained role the airport is playing in generating jobs, investment and opportunity for Queensland.

BAC CEO and Managing Director, Julieanne Alroe, said the solid result for FY11 more than exceeded expectations especially given the industry as a whole had been greatly impacted by a number of local and global disasters.

“We saw positive, substantial and stable growth in passenger numbers across both domestic and international markets in the first six months of FY11, with much of this growth a result of additional capacity and new services introduced by our airline partners.

“While the second half of the year was marred with floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and ash clouds, Brisbane Airport remained open and fully operational demonstrating the reliability and durability of our critical infrastructure.

“I see this as a promising sign that Brisbane Airport, like Queensland, has shown it can withstand incredibly difficult challenges,” Ms Alroe said.

Other significant developments and achievements throughout FY11 include:

  • The opening of Australia’s first Airport Experience Centre;
  • AUD$600 million debt raising in the USA and Australian bond markets;
  • The opening of Brisbane Airport’s upgraded and expanded $43 million Common User Satellite at the Domestic Terminal;
  • The injection of 1.4 million seats by various airlines, underpinned by a strong demand for seats from the business sector; and
  • A record of more than 400,000 international passengers in one month and over 16,000 international passengers in one day.

To keep up with growing demand, BAC continues to roll out a multi-million dollar infrastructure program including a $120 million terminal apron expansion project at the International and Domestic Terminals.

“The construction at the International Terminal will consist of approximately 65,000m² of aircraft pavement to provide two extra bays suitable to accommodate A380 aircraft, as well as new taxiways to improve airfield operations.

“An additional 75,000m² of aircraft pavement will also provide eight more bays - suitable for 737 aircraft – at the Domestic Terminal, further boosting our capacity to service future regional growth,” Ms Alroe said.

The opening of the new Common User Satellite this year was the first part of a much larger upgrade to the Domestic Terminal precinct, which is still currently underway.

Construction of the Domestic Terminal’s new nine storey multi-level car park continues and, when complete, will provide more than 5,300 undercover car spaces.

Upgrades to the road network, including a free public pick-up area and an undercover, elevated walkway over the terminal roads, will also provide significant additional capacity to the road network and car parking facilities, reducing congestion in the precinct and improving the passenger experience overall.

Planning and design has been underway as well this year as BAC completes its final preparatory stages before embarking on early works for the delivery of the New Parallel Runway.

With 43 million passengers expected to be travelling through the airport by 2028, Brisbane Airport must upgrade its runway system as well as terminals, roads and other aeronautical facilities to meet this demand.

Conquests Galore

Yesterday Corporate Air operated 3 C441 flights BNE-Taroom .All 3 flights departed at around 0730 and returned about 1530.Aircraft were VH-VED,VEY,VEJ.
VH-VED is based in BNE and operates several flights a week to Rolleston and Springsure.
The other 2 aircraft flew up from Canberra base and returned there late yesterday afternoon.
Something must have been on.?

Air Australia plans

From yesterday's Courier Mail

Brisbane-based Strategic Airlines to offer budget Asia flights and rename itself Air Australia

air australia

SPORTING COLOURS: Strategic Airlines is changing its name to Air Australia and targeting underserviced routes to Asia. Source: The Courier-Mail

AUSTRALIA'S newest budget airline isn't out to compete directly with embattled Qantas, it says.

From November 15, Brisbane-based Strategic Airlines will add more routes and rename itself Air Australia.

The airline's aircraft and cabin crew will change their livery from red, white and blue to the nation's iconic green and gold sporting colours, with a boomerang as its motif.

Speaking at the airline's Brisbane launch yesterday, Queensland Attorney-General Paul Lucas said the airline's birth should be a warning to Qantas, which had damaged its reputation through debilitating contract negotiations with its workers.

Mr Lucas said Air Australia was poised to shake up the market.

"Those airlines that have been around Australia for a long time need to understand that no one has a monopoly of calling itself the Australian airline," he said.

Chief executive Michael James said the airline would not compete directly with Qantas or Jetstar and would focus on underserviced routes, particularly direct international flights from Brisbane and Melbourne.

The airline will absorb existing Strategic Airlines routes from Brisbane and Melbourne to Phuket and Brisbane to Bali, with Honolulu to be added in December this year.

Further on, direct flights from Melbourne and Brisbane will also head to the west coast of the USA, Vietnam and Japan.

Sale flights will be available until November 15 from $249 one-way to Bali, $329 to Phuket, and $349 to Hawaii out of Brisbane and Melbourne, running between two and six times a week.

The launch comes as Virgin Australia this week announced new business-class seats on the high-demand Brisbane-Sydney-Melbourne route to be available from mid-January.

Virgin said the flights would be discounted immediately, signalling a future price war, but yesterday Qantas refused to reveal whether it would match the price-cuts.

Qantas faces an uphill battle to restore customer faith after it grounded its entire fleet at the weekend during an industrial dispute.

The airline now has until November 21 to resolve the dispute and strike a new pay deal with three unions representing pilots, licensed engineers and baggage, ground and catering staff.

Friday, November 4, 2011