Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Qantaslink 717-200 at YBBN

VH-NXN today.

BNE busy today on special movements

BNE today had a USAF KC10 arrive around 1530 from Guam.
79-1951 was the tail number.
PT-TLS LINEAGE 1000 arrived from Sydney on demonstration.

VH-PDW Convair 580F of Pionair Cargo has recently arrived at BNE.
Skytraders A319 also has just landed from MEL.

N146EX F900 departed to AKL.
N960SF F900 arrived this arvo from Gladstone.
G4 N703LH arrived around midday from CNS.

OOL ferry flights past day or so

AC11 N88VK and C210 N717MK VLI-OOL ETA OOL around 0355UTC on 27 feb.Both these light aircraft made their Pacific crossing and since have departed to Toowoomba.
Just a few minutes ago Cessna 310 N310KW arrived at OOL from Pago.

OOL C208

S/no 208B1102 .
VH-VCW a OOL based C208B caravan operates for Seair from OOL-Lady Elliot island on the Southern Barrier Reef.
Photo at OOL by Terry.

PT-TLS Embraer Lineage at BNE

PT-TLS on short finals for 01

Monday, February 27, 2012

Beech 250 VH-FKB

Finally caught up with this elusive Beech 250 today.
It operated RMA-BNE-RMA.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

BNE this weekend

Yesterday we had 2 first time visitors to BNE.
G550 VP-CKG arrived from Sydney yesterday and has since departed this morning to Asia.
B717 VH-NXN positioned over to BNE in readiness for route proving flights this week to GLT and ROK.
Scheduled flights commence 15 March.
Norfolk Air cease flying today from BNE and SYD and MEL.We will all miss their beautiful green and blue livery.Air New Zealand will take over the BNE and SYD to Norfolk Island air services.
Aircraft is rumoured to be going to another Australian airline ???

Saturday, February 25, 2012

BNE airport reaches 200,000 movements

In the year from Feb 2011 to jan 2012 BNE reached 200,308 movements in the past 12 months.

The first month of this year handled a 8.3% increase over the same month last year.

It is a little too early to know, but a figure around 215,000-218,000 movements in 2012 is possible.The total for 2011 was 198,996.

Getting busier .

VP-CKG G550 at BNE this am.

VP-CKG landing at BNE under a hour ago from Sydney.
Thanks to one of our roving reporters Francis who was on the spot.
Photo F.Nickelson

TOLL Bell 412 Heli at Redcliffe

VH-LWI ex C-GKSY at Redcliffe on 23 feb 2012.This is one of 2 Bell 412 helicopters for TOLL which were brought out by a freighter to BNE several weeks ago.They were assembled at Redcliffe and this one will be operating in the SW Pacific shortly.
Photo and thanks to Bert Van Drunick.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

N192CN today plus others

Vee H Aviation Metro VH-VEU at BNE today.
VH-QOI of Qantaslink in Destination Tamworth livery.
Virgin Samoa previously Polynesian Blue at BNE today
Citation 680 on a demonstation tour of Australia currently.

BNE today

Sovereign N192CV arrived last evening from Perth.
Virgin Samoa 737-800 was in yesterday and today.ZK-PBF was the registration of this aircraft which was previously in Polynesian Blue livery.
New ATR 72 VH-FVU arrived from WATT this morning on delivery.This is Virgin Australia's 5th ATR in their fleet.
Atlas AIR 744F N476MC landed this morning .This is a first visit as well.
Twin Otter N615AR also landed today.This is a very rare aircraft in Australia these days and a major highlight.
Pac 750 ZK-KBR also arrived from Hamilton NZ.

Monday, February 20, 2012

BNE airport Big growth in January

Courtesy of BAC.

Double digit growth for BNE in January


Brisbane Airport has kicked off the year on a high recording 10.9 per cent year-on-year growth in passenger numbers, with more than 1.75 million people passing through the Domestic and International Terminals in January.

The airport experienced its strongest international passenger growth for FY12 with more than 400,000 international passengers registered for the third time in just seven months.

Visitor numbers were up by 5.7 per cent, mainly driven by Asia, specifically an influx of travellers from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year holiday period.

Travellers from North American markets also contributed to the increase in overall visitor numbers, with the growth in the USA visitor market to Brisbane trending stronger than the national average.

Brisbane Airport CEO and Managing Director, Julieanne Alroe, said, “This is a very promising start to the calendar year and we look forward to celebrating continued growth in coming months with our airline partners.”

Domestically, passenger growth reached double digits for the first time since February 2008 with a 12.1 per cent year-on-year increase recorded.

717'S slowly they start

Qantaslink commence their B717 flights from BNE on 15 March however the first week sees a slow start to their operations with more flights being added over progressive weeks.
The Qantas schedules for March as below.

Week commencing Monday 12 March show BNE-GLT QF 1712 on Thurs,Fri at 1435
BNE-ROK QF 1744 at 1805 on Thurs,Fri.
Only 4 flights for week 1 out of BNE.

WEEK 2 eff 19 March shows BNE-GLT going to 7 x 717 flights out of BNE.
New flights are QF1702 Mon,Tue,Weds at 0710 and QF 1706 Mon,Tue at 1055
BNE-ROK that week has a 3rd flight QF 1736 Wed at 1040am.

Week 3 commencing 26 March shows BNE-GLT with 10 flights a week ex BNE with new flights QF 1706 Thur,Fri at 1055 and a new Sunday flight at 1640.
BNE-ROK has a additional flight QF 1740 Saturday at 1740 .

BNE-MKY flights start Monday 26th March with 5 flights a week ex BNE.
QF 1768 Mon,Tue,Weds at 1425 and QF 1760 at 0625 Thurs,Fri.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Is BNE on Hawaiian's radar now ???

Travel Today article yesterday

Hawaiian eyes second port.Hawaiian Airlines will explore the possibility of operating to a second Australian gateway should it's expanding Sydney operation perform well.

President and chief executive Mark Dunkerley told Travel Today that a new Australian route has previously appeared on a list of potential new route destinations without ever being on the verge of being launched.But it could be back on the radar,he said.

“We would certainly look at a new gateway but key to that is how well the new frequencies and larger aircraft are received in Sydney.

“Australia is an important destination for Hawaiian.I would hope to launch into a new Australian gateway.

In May – “possibly sooner”, said Dunkerley the carrier will then replace the 264 seater B767 with 294 seater A330'S.

A move that will increase capacity by a further 11%

US C130 at BNE today

US C130 165159 on Lima Taxyway today.

Air Australia sadly gone !

On Thursday evening the last aircraft arrived into various destinations.Sadly they have ceased operations.Personally i know of 3 contacts and friends who are now without a job.I am not going to go into reasons why they failed because we don't know.

Aircraft are parked at HKT- TC-ETK

Air Australia will be sadly missed and wish to thank them for giving BNE and MEL a go .That is the Australian way.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Toll Express Metro incident photo

Here is a photo of the aircraft just after making it's emergency landing on RWY 19 at BNE the other night.
VH-UZA is the registration of the aircraft.
Thanks to Bert for passing this on.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fokkers everywhere at BNE

Photos taken last Sunday.

Apologies for the standard of pics due to airport glass and heat haze

BNE past few days

Convair VH-PDW departed to Bankstown yesterday.
2 new first timers yesterday.
Emirates A6-EGM 77W
and China Airlines 333 B-18357.
B250 VH-FKB was in on Monday and B200 VH-EWG was in today.

BNE airport closed last night

Article below

From Wed.15.2.12 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' online at 8.14

Light plane belly-flops at Brisbane Airport, expect delays
Flights have been delayed at Brisbane Airport after a freight service landed without wheels on the runway overnight.
Brisbane Airport's main runway is closed and travellers are being urged to contact their airlines, after a light plane made a "wheels up" landing this morning.
The Toll Aviation turbo-prop freighter came to rest on its undercarriage about 2.30.
Incredibly neither of the two pilots was injured.
ATSB is investigating and the aircraft has been moved from the runway but it will remain closed until an inspection is complete.
Rebecca Masci from the Brisbane Airport Corporation said both the domestic and international airports were affected.
"The short cross runway has remained open and it is capable of taking aircraft up to Boeing 737 in size," said Ms Masci.
"A number of flights have been affected and we're urging passengers to contact their airline directly for information on delayed or diverted flights."
Qantas is advising passengers that flights will be suspended until at least 7.00.

I believe the airport main runway was reopened at 0600 am today.

TFX 141 was believed to have been the flight number.I don't have a registration.

Monday, February 13, 2012

E5-TAI at BNE today

What a nice surprise to see Air Raratonga EMB-110P1 Bandeirante E5-TAI today

Sunday, February 12, 2012

BNE new car park and Skywalk

View of the rail station with the tower in the background from the Skywalk.
Skywalk Concourse.
Escalator takes you to level one where you then use a lift to the car stations.
Entrance to the escalator.
The escalator that takes you up to the skywalk
New common user terminal fit out now complete.


‘Skywalk’ is a new pedestrian elevated walkway at the Domestic Terminal.

Skywalk passes over the terminal road system and connects directly with the long-term and new short-term multi-level car parks. It also provides easy access to Airtrain.

Visitors to the Airport can access Skywalk via lifts, travelators and escalators directly outside the Domestic Terminal. Skywalk separates pedestrians from cars creating a safer environment, while reducing congestion on the terminal road system.

DTAP image

Today i had the opportunity to park in the new car park facility.It is so huge.I also used the skywalk from the car park to the terminal.Work is still in progress but it is open and looks to be a very modern new facility at Brisbane airport.

Photos above

Thursday, February 9, 2012

BNE past few days

Due to SW QLD floods, the constant movements of both medivac and rescue and evacuation flights still continue.
Qantaslink has had at least 2 flights with their Dash 8 aircraft and Skytrans possibly as many as 6-8 flights.
RFDS and Careflight aircraft are also involved with medical evacuations to BNE from Roma,St George,Mitchell and Dirrinbandi.
Coastwings B300 WXC and Wagners B350 WJW as well as Qld Govt B350 SGQ,and Mach Jet B200 LNJ have been operating numerous flights to the region.

Pionair Cargo CV580 has also done 5 flights out of BNE

USAF KC10 79-1712 arrived in BNE on 7th February and departed yesterday.
G550 N760CC arrived BNE from HNL this morning.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BNE favourite to be Tiger's 2nd Aussie base

Speculation amongst Southern papers yesterday was that Tiger will announce a 2nd base in 2 months time with this base operational by late June.
BNE is rumoured to be the favourite.Apparently BAC and Tiger are talking currently although no decision has been made.

The benefits are BNE is centrally located with plenty of QLD destinations to the north as well as SYD,MEL,ADL,NTL,CBR to the south.A perfect geographical location for a base and if a deal can be done with Air Australia, then there is a new hangar able to fit 2 A320's side by side for maintenance .
With a expanded although busy centre satellite now able to take 7 aircraft as well as 2 at the main terminal the new capacity can take 9 aircraft.
Let's hope they select Brisbane.

Scoot to OOL

Scoot announced today that OOL will be their Australian destination after Sydney was announced previously.
Flights will commence June 12, 5 times weekly with 400 seater B777-200's .
The runway length will surely be tested on this one but i wish them well and plenty of success.
With Jetstar,Air Asia X and Scoot Gold Coast will surely be a favourite Low cost destination from Japan and Asia.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

BNE yesterday Saturday.

Air New Zealand 77W on takeoff on 01 yesterday.
All the spotters including me were there again.Pity they changed the runway.
Virgin Australia 737-800 off of RWY 01
OOL based Lear 45 made 2 medivac flights yesterday to flod ravaged Charleville.
VH-VVI is a Careflight medivac aircraft.
Air Australia A320 VH-YQB has finally made it from PER to BNE since being repainted in their new colours.
Norfolk Air B733 VH-NLK about to cross the Runway to the hangars.
It will be sad to see them go at the end of this month.

OOL gets more Jetstar flights.

Jetstar have announced increases out of OOL to both SYD and MEL and the basing of a 4th A320 in this city.
The extra 4 flights a week OOL-MEL commenced recently and the extra daily OOL-SYD will commence 01 April 2012 making 12 flights a day OOL-SYD.
With the extra 4 a week to MEL it makes 53 flights a week with Jetstar.

Virgin Australia increases out of BNE

Virgin Australia will add up to 8 extra departures and similar amount of arrivals a day on weekdays progressively starting from tomorrow .
Extra daily flights will commence to MEL and SYD from tomorrow with CNS,PPP and another daily MEL starting 13 feb.
On 20 Feb a extra BNE-SYD and BNE-ROK will commence and then finally from 6 March another daily BNE-MKY.

BNE will have up to 80 departures on the weekdays as opposed to 68 in early October 2011.A massive increase.

From the end of March one of the new daily Melbourne flights and also Sydney will cease.

In amongst all this will be a extra ATR flights to ROK on weekends.

Expect more flights to be added later in the year as well.

Charleville Flood evacuation and rescue flights

Due to the flooding around SW QLD towns of Roma,Mitchell and Charleville the past few days there have been plenty of rescue and evacuation flights out of BNE yesterday and today.
It is early so far today however C208 VH-SJJ and Brindabella J41 have been involved so far today.

Yesterday was busy with 2 Skytrans Dash 8 flights involved in evacuations out of Charleville along with Pionair Cargo Convair bringing in relief aid.Also B200,B300 VH-WXC,SGQ,OXF
Lear jet VH-VVI did 2 flights as it is a medivac rescue lear.RFDS PC12 and King Airs did a few flights as well to Charleville.
Qld Govt Hawker VH-SGY and Citation VH-PSU also were involved .

Thursday, February 2, 2012

BNE today

A6-EYL departing RWY 01 today.
Jetstar VH-VFD their newest 320 today at BNE.
BNE based Coastwings B300 VH-WXC.
Airlink PA-31'S together at BNE GA
Atlasjet at the old terminal.

This week i have been spotting with a fellow spotter from ADL and caught some more images today of above.Trying out my new camera.

Qantaslink announce 717 schedules

QFlink will commence 717 scheds out of BNE on 15 March.Aircraft 2 will commence all flights by June.
43 departures a week are planned to GLT,ROK,MKY .ROK and MKY will also have Fokker 100's flying as well on the routes but by whom Alliance or Network ????

BAC article below.

Airlines ramp up services to regional Qld - Larger aircraft and more flights


Brisbane’s connectivity with regional Queensland was further strengthened today with the announcement by QantasLink of new B717 services between BNE-Rockhampton and BNE-Mackay, commencing 15 March and 26 March respectively.

These services are in addition to new B717 flights between BNE-Gladstone also commencing on 15 March.

The communities of Roma, Emerald and Bundaberg will also benefit from extra capacity with the airline increasing the number of weekly flights to each destination.

Collectively, the new B717 services and additional flights will contribute more than 4200 additional seats per week to the schedule.

The news follows hot on the heels of Virgin Australia’s recent announcement that it will be increasing flights between BNE and Gladstone, Rockhampton, Cairns and Proserpine throughout February.

From 13 February, Virgin Australia will also add an extra return flight seven days a week between Brisbane and Melbourne; taking the total number of flights on the route to 13 daily.

BAC CEO and Managing Director, Julieanne Alroe, welcomed the news from both airlines which will have significant positive returns for regional Queensland.

“The growth of regional Queensland’s economy is dependent on strong connectivity with Brisbane and other capital city hubs around the nation.

“The importance of improved access to and frequency of quality air services for regional Queensland cannot be under-estimated.

“With upgraded aircraft servicing regional destinations and increased flights, QantasLink and Virgin Australia have added serious capacity to the market which means greater connectivity, choice and more affordability for travellers.

“We congratulate both Virgin Australia and QantasLink on these new services and look forward to working with the airlines to continue bringing people across Queensland and the world closer together,” Ms Alroe said.

For further details about QantasLink’s new services visit www.qantas.com. For further details about Virgin Australia’s new services visit www.virginaustralia.com.