Saturday, July 30, 2011

BNE today

9H-AFZ is now devoid of registration .
A330 MRTT 004 at BNE today.
ADOBE 61 and ADOBE 71 both KC10'S arrived BNE on dusk yesterday and both are together this morning at the old ITB.

Nice to have this A318 back agaian .It arrived this morning as MLM081 from SYD.9H-AFL.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Virgin announces first ATR routes out of BNE

Yesterday Virgin Australia announced the routes for the first 2 ATR 72-500'S.
BNE-PQQ(Port Macquarie) and BNE-GLT(Gladstone) as well as SYD-PQQ and SYD-CBR.
Frequencies out of BNE will be twice daily MON-FRI to Gladstone and DAILY to PQQ.Services will commence sometime in October.
Aircraft 3 and 4 are due later this year however no routes have been advised for these airrcraft.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

BNE today

VH-VJD GAM AIR DO-228 at BNE today
AFL Logo jet 737-800 VH-VUZ at BNE today.
AFL Logo jet E-190 VH-ZPQ at BNE today
B-2062 at YBBN today operating CZ382 to CAN

Sunday, July 24, 2011

BNE special movements during the week

Very quiet week with KC10 83-0076 in today.

c210 N94162 arrived yesterday from the US via NOU and other islands.

G5 N83CW was in on July 21.

Emirates A6-EGC made it's first visit to BNE on July 20.

BNE 2010-2011 aircraft movements

BNE airport aircraft movements for 2010-2011 was approx 194,370 up from 182,160 for 2009-2010 which is a 6.3% growth.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BNE AIRPORT official pax figures 2010-11

2010-11 4,287,681 3.6% 15,802,479 6.0% 10,029 20,100,189 5.5%


BNE domestic new car park progress

The new carpark info below

New Domestic Terminal car park to become a work of art


Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Limited (BAC) today announced that the new Domestic Terminal short-term multi-level car park will be the canvas for an eight-storey kinetic public art project.

BAC’s engagement of international public art consultancy Urban Art Projects (UAP) has led to the commissioning of established American artist Ned Kahn who is known for his artwork currently in the Canberra National Science Building.

Kahn, who has developed an international following for his artworks that incorporate the use of natural elements such as wind and light will collaborate with BAC and UAP’s design team to create a 5000 Sq m kinetic façade for the new Domestic Terminal short-term car park.

Viewed from the exterior, Kahn’s proven concept for one side of the car park will appear to move and create the impression of waves due to the wind passing behind 250,000 aluminum panels. Inside the car park, intricate patterns of light and shadow will be projected onto the walls and floor as sunlight passes through this kinetic façade. In addition to revealing the ever-changing patterns of the invisible wind, the artwork has many environmental benefits by being designed to also provide ventilation and shade for the interior of the car park.

The new Domestic Terminal short-term multi-level car park will also provide 5,300 undercover car spaces across nine levels, state-of-the-art way-finding technology, and innovative safety and security measures.

Picture above of progress as of today.

VH-FOL Falcon 50

Newly registered Falcon 50 at BNE GA apron this morning.

Both A330 MRRT 'S outside today

Both are showing EC-336 as their reg.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brisbane Airport news

Passenger numbers on the rise at Brisbane Airport


For the first time in its history, Brisbane Airport has registered more than 20 million international and domestic passengers travelling through its facilities in the July to June FY period. The record number of passengers equates to a year-on-year growth of 5.4 percent despite several natural disasters affecting global travel and tourism in recent months.

Separately, domestic travellers accounted for a 6 percent increase overall with international passenger growth seeing a 3.6 percent rise.

Internationally, most traffic continues to travel between Brisbane and New Zealand, while the United States is also a major visitor market and the second most favoured destination for those departing Brisbane. The most significant increase however, saw Chinese visitor numbers rise by 23 percent from the previous year with new direct services being a major contributor.

Domestically, services between Brisbane and Perth were the most in-demand interstate flights (as measured by average load factors) with the Whitsunday Coast (Proserpine) the most popular intrastate destination. The fastest growing city pairs (as measured by passenger volume) were Brisbane to Melbourne, Mackay, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) CEO and Managing Director, Julieanne Alroe, said the increase in passenger numbers through the airport more than exceeded expectations especially given the industry as a whole had been greatly impacted by a number of local and global disasters.

“Every airport in the world is connected in some way so snow storms in Europe, earthquakes in Asia or volcanic eruptions in South America can significantly impact the number of people travelling through our airport.

“We’ve had more than our fair share of disasters this year however the strong Aussie dollar has encouraged more people to travel abroad while domestically strong passenger growth was also made possible by the injection of 1.4 million extra seats, with every domestic airline operating at Brisbane ramping up capacity throughout the year.”

Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business, Jan Jarratt, credited the collaborative industry approach for the reinvigoration of domestic and inbound tourism following the cyclones and floods which devastated Queensland earlier this year.

“There’s no doubt the global negative coverage of the destruction caused by these natural events affected traveller confidence and forward bookings,” Ms Jarratt said.

“However the Nothing Beats Queensland campaign has helped buoy business confidence during these tough times by continuing to attract tourists to our state.”

With total passenger numbers through Brisbane Airport expected to reach around 43 million by 2029 the airport is on the cusp of a remarkable period of growth.

Julieanne Alroe said: “BAC is committed to a long-term infrastructure investment program that will ensure we continue to deliver world-class facilities for airport users, while meeting the challenge of future growth.”

The recently opened expansion to the Common User Satellite (mainly used by Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Strategic and regional airlines) has seen: an increase in the number of passenger gate lounges in this area from two to seven; two additional aircraft parking bays, bringing the total to seven; new food and beverage facilities close to the new passenger lounges; new modern and comfortable furniture in waiting areas; improved energy efficiency of the satellite building, and space for airline offices.

The next stages of the Domestic Terminal Upgrade will see a new multi-level car park open, upgrades to the Domestic Terminal road network, and an undercover, elevated walkway built over the roads, enabling people to walk from the roads and car parks to the terminal without having to cross in front of vehicles.

A new nine-level, 5,300 bay multi-level car park, set to open in two stages over the coming months, together with the existing multi-level car park, will bring the total number of bays at the Domestic Terminal to over 9,000.

The cornerstone of the infrastructure program however is the New Parallel Runway which expected to be completed by 2020 with preliminary works due to commence next year.

“The New Parallel Runway will be the first new major runway planned and built in Australia for decades and will be among very few privately built runways in the world.

“Once full capacity of the existing runway is achieved, Brisbane Airport is likely to experience increased congestion on the taxiways and its single runway leading to delays to inbound and outbound aircraft and, potentially, increased circulation of aircraft awaiting landing slots.

“With this in mind, the New Parallel Runway is designed to meet forecast growth, not create it,” Ms Alroe said.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

PP-VDR GLEX at BNE today

Flew in from RIO today.Vale Mining has a major world branch office in Brisbane.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Brindabella will commence a new BNE-Armidale run from mid August.
Service will operate Mon-Fri only however they expect it to grow to a weekend service and a 2nd Mon-Fri flight quickly.

FQ803/804 1030 AM back at 1325.
This means there will be up to 7 Brindabella departures a day on Fridays to CFS,ARM,TMW,MOR

I wish them well.

Movements this past week.

Over the past week we have seen local based MD-82 VP-CBI depart to Biak .
3 American biz have been in town.
G4 N688TF
Galaxy N272JC
Also E-190 A6-HHS is still here .
We had 2 A380's divert into BNE.VH-OQJ ist visit as SQ A380 9V-SKA which is the first visit of a Singapore Airline A380.
Today we have delivery of Alliance 2nd F70 due around 6pm.9H-AFZ .
Malaysian had 9M-MTD in on 06 july as ist visit.
USAF KC10 860029 was also a rare visitor as well.
Today we have ZK-TBM CIT 25B as well as Air New Zealand 77W ZK-OKO.
Air New Zealand 744 ZK-NBV.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

SINGAPORE A380 first visit today

SQ 231 super diverted to BNE this morning due to strong winds in Sydney.
9V-SKA.This is their first visit to YBBN with a A380.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

BNE today Including F70 and A380

9H-AFS on GA apron
9H-AFS new Fokker 70 for Alliance
VP-CBI today
QF 12 VH-OQJ this morning.
A6-HHS today
EC-336 Today

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jetstar adding flights out of BNE

From yesterday 01 July Jetstar will add a additional 17 departures and 17 arrivals a week.
BNE-DRW will go from 7 to 11 flights a week.Extra flights will depart Mon,Thur,Fri and Sun evenings.
BNE-MKY will see a extra 7 flights a week.Other routes to see increases are ADL,NTL and PER.
Busiest days will see 27 Jetstar departures out of YBBN a day and a similar number of arrivals.

A6-HHS E-190 at BNE

Falcon Air Services E-190 at BNE this arvo.
Aircraft is parked in long term parking area after landing here on Thursday.