Sunday, May 29, 2011

2 TOLL'S today at BNE plus Strategic

TOLL'S newest 733F ZK-TLE arrived today as AWK001 from AKL .This is painted in their new livery.Compare both photos.Both aircraft arrived within 10 mins of each other.
TOLL priority ZK-TLD arriving this arvo at BNE from POM
VH-YQB A320 operating Solomons IE700 from HIR today

Saturday, May 28, 2011

9M-ABC plus others today at BNE

Jetconnect 73H ZK-ZQC at YBBN today
Citation 510 at YBBN GA today
Lear VH-CMS at BNE GA apron today
G4 9M-ABC today at YBBN .Livery not as spectacular as previous.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SOLOMONS new A320 schedules

Next week Solomon Airlines new A320 H4-BUS will commence 4 flights a week BNE-HIR-BNE.
Schedules below.
IE 701 BNE-HIR Fri,Sun 0730 back same days at 1515 as IE 702
IE 701 BNE-HIR Mon,Wed 1045 back same days at 1830 as IE 702
It will be very welcome to get a H4 reg back on Solomons and a aircraft painted in their livery.


A330-200's new flights and one offs.

Qantas will replace a daily 763 BNE-PER from this Monday with a daily 332 flight.This will be Qantas first scheduled operation out of BNE with the 332.
QF 597 BNE-PER daily at 1450 dep
QF650 PER-BNE daily at 1350 arr.

Virgin Australia will be bringing one of their 2 332'S to YBBN this Sunday to show off the new aircraft to Virgin staff.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Diversions to BNE YBBN today

Sydney had it's first winter fog today and this brought in at least 8 diversions.
Delta 017 from Lax N709DN landed just after 6am
United had both 744 flights from LAX and SFO in as well .N177UA and N178UA were the aircraft .
Qantas had 4 international diversions here including A380 VH-OQB on QF 12.Other diversions were QF 130,22 and QF 20.There was at least one Qantas domestic diversion but there could have been more that i missed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Redcliffe airport PC12

Here a shot of the RFDS PC-12 I made at Redcliffe Yesterday with it came out the hangar in its new c/s.
It left today at 9:30 am for Alice Springs.
The next PC-12 arrived at 4pm Yesterday for a new paint job. 3 more to come.

Photo Bert van Drunick

Virgin Australia ATR-72'S

The first 4 ATR-72-500'S are to be BNE based .The first 2 have construction numbers of 955-956 and have been seen on the flightline at Toulouse in France.
From reports on other aviation sites delivery should be at the end of June or early July for the first and enter into service late August.This will put the cat amongst the pidgeons on QFlink routes out of BNE.

Bizjets and others

Over the past few days we have had quite a few biz.
VH-VLT ERJ 135 or Legacy 600
HS-KCS Citation 750 in a beautiful scheme
VH-CFO and VH-NSB both Citation 550.
Falcon 900 VH-LUL
Today DHL 757-200F callsign Tasman 95 was in again.

QANTAS 008 New DFW-BNE flight

Qantas 8 a 744ER VH-OEE landed this morning on the innaugral Dallas-Brisbane-Sydney-Dallas service.This flight will operate Mon,wed,Fri,Sun 4 times a week and has the potential to bring many thousands more of Americans to Brisbane.
We welcome this new link.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

BNE pics this arvo including a special movement

A6-EYS of Etihad at BNE today.
VH-VUZ supporting the Gold Coast Suns AFL team.
VH-YFE splendid in all white.This aircraft is brand spanking new.
NZ7571 was a special visitor this arvo.
HS-TJT arriving from BKK non stop.
Qantas socceroos logo jet operating BNE-LAX today.

Interesting movements this past week.

On Monday Emirates brought in their brand new 777-300er A6-EGB.
On Tuesday we had MasKargo 9M-MPS 744F as MAS6204.The aircraft overnighted and departed to Malaysia on Wednesday.
We had G5 N1BN in earlier this week as well.VT-VKR a Falcon 2000 arrived on Thursday from Emerald.
On Friday a private BN2-P F-GDHD arrived from Noumea and is about to depart to Mt Isa.
Later on today a RNZAF 757-200 is expected.

VH-YFE of Virgin Blue went into service on Thursday.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

QF newie VH-VZL and Virgin Australia at BNE

VH-YFC passing the Loop Road viewing deck this morning.

Virgin Australia commenced operations into BNE on Thursday after the launch on Wednesday of the new brand.VH-YFC was taken today at YBBN.
Qantas 737-800 VH-VZL only went into service a few days ago.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DHL 757F and Indian Biz at BNE today

DHL 757F made it's 2nd flight to BNE today.AKL-BNE-AKL with horses.
Another flight is due in 2 weeks.
Challenger 600 VT-APL arrived from AKL today.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

BNE March movements stats

Brisbane March movements are out with a total of 16,600 giving a year total of 192,320 From April 2010 to March 2011.
March figures were a average of 40 movements a day more than March 2010.Average of 536 a day for March.
BNE airport could go close to reaching 200,000 movements by the September Quarter this year and definitely by the December Quarter.
2010 figures were 188,931.

BNE airport plane pics recently.

Falcon 2000 N12LX at BNE last week
Photo D.Knight.
CL601 PK-JKM at BNE last week .
Photo F. Nickelson.
VH-VUZ in GC Suns livery at BNE recently
Photo D.Knight.