Tuesday, January 31, 2012

BNE today.

AirCalin A330-200 with the sticker on the fuselage today.
Mandalay B300 VH-SCQ today
Australian Jet B200 VH-ZMY at GA apron.
China Southern A330-300 on short finals for 01 today
TOLL express Metro Freighter at the GA ramp.
CL-600 arrived yesterday on delivery to Norseman Air

PC-12 VH-OOI at BNE GA ramp

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Movements past 2 days.

Air New Zealand brought in their All Blacks 777 again today .

Atlas Air 744F N493MC landed last night with 2 Bell 412 helicopters on board.THE 744F left for Sydney at 0400 this morning.

Yesterday VH-YIF Virgin newest 737H arrived on delivery from NAN as PBN 9080 around 1600 hrs.
New Hawker VH-BMW was in yesterday as it's first visit .
Today at OOL Jetstar newest 320 VH-VFD made it's first appearance in SE QLD skies.

American G450 N192NC arrived BNE and has since departed this afternoon.

We are expecting a new biz tomorrow VH-JPQ a Challenger 600 .It should be BNE based.

BNE variety of aircraft in 2012

With 2 new aircraft types soon to grace BNE runways that being the B717 and ERJ 135 i thought that i would look at the variety of aircraft types to grace our runways in 2012 or static at our airport.
On the static displays are 727-100F(Aviation Australia)
F28-4000 (Aviation Australia)
734F (Heavylift)
F100(US AIR) and Germania.
MD-82(Fly several times yearly) Mineralogy

744 Qantas
747-400F -Atlas 10-12 times a year.
E-190 Virgin and Pacific Blue
B777-300 V australia,Air New Zealand,Thai
B777-200 Singapore,Air New Zealand and Thai.
767-300 Qantas and AirNiugini
73H Numerous airlines
737-700 Virgin,Air Pacific
737-400 Qantas
737-400F soon with TOLL
733F Pacific Air Express and TOLL,AAE
737-300 Norfolk Air and Our Airline
146-300F AAE,Cobham.
146-100F AAE
ERJ 135 soon with JetGo
F100 -Virgin,Alliance,Air Niugini and later this year Network.
F70 Alliance
330-300 Numerous airlines
330-200 EVA AIR,Etihad and Qantas,Strategic,Atlas Jet.
A320 Numerous airlines including Solomons.
A321 Jetstar
A340-300 Hi Fly
A319 Skytraders(Not weekly but several a year)
757-200F DHL (5 or 6 Flights a year)
B717 Qantaslink soon
Saab 340,REX,Pelair
Saab 340 F Pelair Cargo
J41 Brindabella
J32 Aeropelican
Metro Sharp,Brindabella,Vee H aviation
Metro F TOLL Express
Fokker 50 Alliance aroound 20 times a year and soon Calibre Airways
CV580F Pionair Cargo
Q400 Qantaslink
D8-300 Skytrans and Qantaslink
D8-200 Qantaslink,Customs
D8-100 Skytrans
B1900 Airlink and Qld Govt.
C441 Corporate Air
B300 Numerous airlines
B200 Numerous airlines
PA-31 GWA,AIr Link.
C208 Seair and QLD govt
ATR-72 Virgin (Skywest)

As well as this last year we had 6 A380 visits due to diversions and medical.

Friday, January 27, 2012

JetGo News in today's Sunshine Coast Daily

Description: Description: Sunshine Coast Daily

Jet ready to go

Owen Jacques | 27th January 2012

THE Coast will become a $3 million base for new commuter charter airline JetGo Australia as it prepares to begin fly-in, fly-out routes by late March.

After a year of negotiation, the company has announced it will build a maintenance hangar at Sunshine Coast Airport.

It follows revelations earlier this month that Skytrans would fly workers from Marcoola to Queensland mines owned by Rio Tinto.

However, emerging airline JetGo has been chartered on behalf of at least one Sunshine Coast mining services firm.

"Essentially we are operating a fly-in, fly-out service from Sydney, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, " a spokesman said but he declined to name clients on the grounds of commercial confidentiality.

He said the Coast was a top choice because the cost of ground lease for hangar construction in Brisbane was more than $250,000 a year. Access would also be easier with fewer aircrafts demanding access to the tarmac.

JetGo will be the first Coast commuter airline to use jets in the under 50 seat market, matching the commuting time of those who drove to Brisbane to work.

"Typically, our competitor's aircraft are turbo prop - from Brisbane to Emerald takes about one hour 40 minutes in a typical Dash-8. Our flights are approximately 50 minutes," the spokesman said.

The 37-seat Embraer 135LR jets could begin flying twice a week by late March, following final regulatory approval from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. "A lot of the companies (using JetGo) will pick up workers in Brisbane, go via the Sunshine Coast then fly to Moranbah," he said.

This high-speed travel would create "a new world" for Coast workers, according to economic development councillor Lew Brennan.

"It's an opportunity for us to break into new markets and new business," he said.

He credited airport general manager Peter Pallot with a "tremendous amount of hard work".

"I would also like to congratulate the company that has stepped up and committed to the Coast," Cr Brennan said.

As previously said by myself, i wish them all the success and look forward to seeing their ERJ 135'S in Queensland skies.(Lloyd)

OOL yesterday

Bell 206 VH-UAI at OOL yesterday.Rural fire board i don't think so after 300-400 mm of rain ?
B-8166 arriving at OOL yesterday.
Photo Terry Magee

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Diversions the past few days

All SE QLD airports have experienced monsoonal rains the past few days with falls of 300-500 mm and there have been plenty of diversions and holding.
OOL and MCY have both had diversions to BNE .Air Asia X yesterday was the main one .9M-XXB diverted twice to BNE yesterday after being unable to land at OOL.It stayed in BNE last night and departed to OOL at 0700 this am as XAX 206D exactly 1 day late.
Weather is suppose to worsen again this weekend.

Skytrans close to starting TWB-SYD flights


We wish them success and hopefully there is a market and it will grow for Skytrans.
This aircraft will most likely commence out of BNE.

Virgin ramps up BNE flights

Queensland flight increases:
Brisbane-Gladstone: One extra return flight on Sundays (using the ATR); taking the total number of flights offered by
the airline on the route to 34 per week.
Brisbane-Rockhampton: An extra return flight, Monday to Friday; taking the total number of Virgin Australia flights
between Brisbane-Rockhampton up to 78 per week.
Brisbane-Cairns: An extra return flight will be added every day except Saturdays; taking the total number of Virgin
Australia flights between Brisbane and Cairns each week to 80.
Brisbane and Whitsunday Coast (Proserpine): An additional return service, Monday to Friday, will be introduced;
taking the total number of flights offered by the airline on the route to 24 per week.
Brisbane-Melbourne: An extra return flight seven days a week; taking the total number of flights offered on the route up
to 13 daily or 174 per week.
Previously announced BNE-MKY and BNE-SYD frequencies are yet to start also and will add to the increases.
At the beginning of October 2011 BNE had 68 departures a day now from late March this will be 80 departures a day.

B-KEQ at ool on Tuesday.

Photo Terry Magee

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

REX/PELAIR Fifo scheds last week.

Monday departures saw

HZL 9827 1130 to CMT
HZL 9242 1430 to HVB/MMU
HZL 9572 1700 to EMD

HZL 9286 to EMD at 1700

HZL 9282 0600 to EMD
HZL 9267 OSB at 0550
HZL 9572 to EMD at 1700

HZL 9267 to OSB at 0550
HZL 9280 to CMT at 1225

HZL 9572 to EMD at 1700

There were 10 Saab 340 departures last week which is a increase of about 3 flights a week with Clermont being a new port.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Exotic Reims- Cessna 406 at OOL

A long journey brought this beautiful aircraft all the way from Norway.It arrived at OOL from ASP on the 19th.
Photo Terry Magee

Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo of BNE'S new car park.

The new car park in the foreground and the smaller one at the rear will take 9,000 cars at any one time .You can also see in the left side of the photo the new elevated walkway that will join the terminal to the car park.

Some photos on BNE-GLT-BNE trip report

Arrival of VH-QOC at GLT yesterday.Our Q400 flight from Brissie.
Australian Helicopters are based at GLT.
Our flight VH-FVH DJ 1716 parked at Gate 3 at GLT yesterday

Short trip report

Yesterday along with a good friend i travelled to Gladstone from BNE.We flew up on Qantaslink Q400 VH-QOC and came back on new ATR72 VH-FVH .Both flights took approx 1 hour in journey time.
QF6300D departed RWY 19 at 0629 and was a full ship with not one spare seat.We climbed to 20,000 ft and the flight was smooth.We were seated at the rear of the engine and noise was not a issue.Light refreshments were served by the flight attendants abd this included yoghurt,museli bar and a raisin bun.Juice or tea and coffee was also complimentary.
We landed at Gladstone on RWY 28 at 0735.

Departure was with Virgin Australia DJ 1716 at 1400 to BNE.We departed the gate at 1353 and takeoff time was early at 1359 off RWY 10.I was seated in 14F a window seat and thank you David for doing that.A little bit of turbulence and some manouvering around the cumulus clouds just after takeoff and then a light refreshment was served.This was a tasty cheese and semidried tomato wrap with relish .Water or juice as well as tea or coffee were also complimentary.
We landed at 1501 on RWY 14 at Brisbane and a 7 minute taxi to the gate saw us arrive 12 minutes early.
The ATR i feel had the nicer cabin look than the Q400 however both aircraft were a privilege to try out for the first time.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Car Park opens today at BNE domestic

BNE opens largest single-structure car park in the southern hemisphere


A $180 million nine storey, 5,000 space car park, the largest single-structure car park in the southern hemisphere, will open tomorrow at Brisbane Airport.

The new car park is part of a $250 million upgrade to the Domestic Terminal precinct. In addition to the car park, the upgrade will see new roads around the Domestic Terminal and an elevated skywalk from the car parks to the terminal. The upgrade of the Domestic Terminal precinct follows the opening of the $220 million Moreton Drive in 2009.

Stage 1, Levels 2-5 of the car park, will open at 7am on Tuesday 17 January 2012 (subject to weather and construction schedules). Remaining levels will open in coming weeks.

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) Head of Corporate Relations, Rachel Crowley, said once complete, the Domestic Terminal precinct would add significant extra capacity on the roads and in the car parks, providing passengers with a more efficient and convenient experience.

“Tomorrow’s opening will be the very first stage of the upgrade and while there are still a few finishing touches to be completed we’re well on our way. We wanted to open this first stage as soon as possible to provide more parking capacity for everyone who uses the Domestic Terminal.

“Constructing a new car park and road network in the middle of an airport terminal which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week has been a complex process. We are grateful to our customers for their patience during this construction period and we’re sure they’ll be happy when they see the finished product later this year.”

Ms Crowley said the new short-term multi-level car park is part of Brisbane Airport’s commitment to provide the best possible facilities for its customers.

“When it’s finished this new car park will provide world-class park-finding technology which indicates available car spaces; extra lighting; undercover walkway access to the terminal; safety and security (CCTV cameras); parking for people with disabilities; 24-hour management; and express entry/exit ramps as well as online booking.”

The new multi-level car park coming on line will provide significant additional capacity for short-term, bringing the total number of parking spaces at the Domestic Terminal to 9,000.

“Thanks to the additional capacity we will have for short-term parking, we can now offer a number of new car parking products and long-term parking deals, which will provide customers with more choice and options tailored to their parking needs. These include online booking, PARKVALET and PARKPREMIUM.

“Furthermore, from 1 February any customers who book online will be able to park at the Domestic Terminal PARKLONG car park for the weekend for only $49. We will also soon be introducing a $99 for one week deal with online booking,” Ms Crowley said.


Monday, January 16, 2012

BNE yesterday

HS-TKB after arriving from BKK
Photo F.Nickelson
VAU 007 BNE-LAX yesterday on takeoff on 01
Photo F.Nickelson
TC-ETK operating for Air Australia yesterday at YBBN.
Photo F.Nickelson

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Skytrans BNE flight schedule last week

Last week there was a total of 42 movements through BNE.21 Departures and 21 Arrivals made up of 34 FIFO and 8 RPT services.

In regards to the FIFO services there were 2 new BNE-MCY-CMT flights each way as well as the 13 non stop BNE-CMT.Also a once a week BNE-EMD and once a week BNE-TSV-BNE possibly for maintenance operated last week.

I believe there may be a fortnightly BNE-Middlemount flight as well but it never operated last week.

Next week i will try to check out the Aergo-Pelair-Rex flights and post some sort of schedule.

ALSO next week i am trying out the Q400 and ATR-72 and will try to post a trip report if possible.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BNE Airport movement totals

For the year Dec 2010 to November 2011 BNE has handled 198,015 movements with a expected total of approx 199,000 for the 2011 calendar year .Average daily stats for November was approx 575 movements a day a new record.
January 2011 started off with a daily average of 508 a day so nearly a 67 movements a day increase from Jan to Nov 2011.Statistics for December are not available as yet.

So looking at November stats Aircraft over 136 tonnes was 1,878 for the month
Between 7 and 136 tonnes were 13,392 movements.
Under 7 tonnes 1,842
44 helicopter and 68 military movements.

Next year at the growth of current new services already announced and some that are expected i would believe we will overtake Melbourne in 2012 with around 210-215,000 movements annually.


Friday, January 6, 2012

JetGo Australia

JetGo Australia have had their first of several EMB-135's delivered to the completion centre in the US with expected arrival in Queensland in March.
They will be commencing charter and FIFO service from Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. The colours are believed to be as shown.

Photos attached.

We wish them all the best

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Air Pacific 744 today at YBBN plus more

YJ-AV1 Air Vanuatu 737-800 taking off 01.
VH-YID 737-800 OF Virgin Australia
GAM AIR DO 228 VH-VJE today
VH-QQN Skytrans
DQ-FJL taking off from 01.

Happy New Year everyone.!

The past few days have brought Alliance Fokker 50 VH-FKY on another Lake Eyre tour.N101CV G4 departed today to NOU.
Aircalin brought in their 330 today F-OJSE on a extra seasonal flight.
Air Pacific brought in 744 DQ-FJL and CHINA airlines brought in first timer B-18356 on their flight today from TPE.
Yesterday AAE 733F VH-XMB operated a day time flight in and out of BNE.