Thursday, March 29, 2012

BNE this morning-some foreign Biz+others

C-GOAG Falcon 900 at BNE GA apron today.
2 Canadian Biz side by side.

C-GCUL Cit 750 at BNE GA apron today

JetGo ERJ-135 is back in BNE again.

Citation VH-MXD at BNE today.

Eclipse 500 N580WC normally based at Archerfield was at BNE today

Sunday, March 25, 2012

SWISS Global at BNE

HB-JGH cn 9320 at BNE this morning.The aircraft arrived late yesterday afternoon from whereabouts unknown.

Friday, March 23, 2012

BNE this am

TF-FIC operating it's first flight to Australia for Air Niugini today.

V Australia 77W now wearing Virgin Australia titles .

Unidentified B200 at BNE GA apron today

King AIR VH-ZMW at the GA apron today

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More pax growth for BNE last month

BNE airport had a 8.2% pax growth in Feb 2012 .Of course there is a extra day this year being a leap year.This however is still good.

INT 318,776 up 6.3 %

DOM 1,209,167 up 8.6%

Domestic on Carriage Transits 1,805

TOTAL 1,529,748.

Source BAC.

More pax growth for BNE last month

Monday, March 19, 2012

Russian Beauty at BNE this morning.

IL-76 RA- 76952 at BNE today .This Russian Classic arrived from NRT just after 0800 local.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Islander at Archerfield

Par Avion Islander VH-RQW at Archerfield this morning.
Photo Francis Nickelson.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

JetGo ERJ 135 at BNE yesterday

Looking splendid in the wet conditions.

VH-JTG arrived MCY on Tuesday evening and then flew to YBBN on Wednesday morning.

The aircraft flew Langkawi-DPS-DRW a few days earlier.

Photos above.

Bizjets galore at OOL

Citation 560 VH-WFE at OOL (0335)
(0521) Citation 525 VH-YNE
Caitation 525 VH-TFW (0442)
Challenger N605PS
All photos by Terry and all taken in past day or 2.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BNE today

G5 N85V arrived from Vietnam earlier today.
Alliance Fokker 100 VH-XWN currently leased by Virgin.
PC-12 VH-FMM S/N 1138 arrived from Adelaide.
On a wet and miserable morning a few photos were taken.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

TOLL Bell 412 flies at Redcliffe

Photo Bert.
Here Bell 412 VH-LWF again, it made its 1st test flight at Redcliffe (Qld) on the 9th March, before heading for the Solomons after the weekend

BNE yesterday-something EXOTIC

Exotic Reg XU-HBB(LJ-510) flew DPS-BME-ASP-CTL-BNE.
Yesterday brought Hardy Aviation Metro VH-TWL in from NW QLD.The aircraft departed for Bourke this am.
Also a Cambodian C90 King Air XU-HBB .We have been following the path of this aircraft on it's journey path to BNE from ASP and CTL .Our roving reporter Francis Nickelson was on the spot for it's arrival yesterday.

Photo above.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

JetGo Australia

New carrier JetGo first ERJ 135 VH-JTG is due into BNE early next week.

Great news !

BNE misses out on Tiger's 2nd base

After months of speculation and Brisbane being favourite to gain Tiger's second base it failed to Sydney.
The reasons why will never be revealed publicly however BNE will regain it's lost BNE-SYD services with 4 flights a day each way commencing in August.
Flights from SYD-OOL also resume.

Schedules below from Airline Routes

Tiger Airways Australia Launches 2nd Base in Sydney from Jul 2012

by JL

Update at 0940GMT 07MAR12

Tiger Airways Australia starting July 2012 is launching 2nd base at Sydney, where it’ll offer service to Brisbane and Gold Coast, while boosting service to Melbourne.

Schedule and details:

Sydney – Brisbane eff 01AUG12
Service starts with 2 Daily flights, but will increase to 4 Daily from 01SEP12
TT705 SYD0630 – 0755BNE 320 D
TT747 SYD1045 – 1210BNE 320 D
TT777 SYD1350 – 1515BNE 320 D 01SEP12-
TT821 SYD1800 – 1920BNE 320 D 01SEP12-

TT726 BNE0835 – 1015SYD 320 D
TT768 BNE1240 – 1415SYD 320 D
TT802 BNE1555 – 1730SYD 320 D 01SEP12-
TT842 BNE2005 – 2140SYD 320 D 01SEP12-

Sydney – Gold Coast eff 01JUL12
Service starts with 1 Daily flight, and will increase to 3 Daily from 01AUG12, 4 Daily from 01SEP12
TT232 SYD0725 – 0850OOL 320 D 01SEP12-
TT234 SYD1100 – 1225OOL 320 D
TT244 SYD1525 – 1650OOL 320 D 01AUG12-
TT246 SYD1915 – 2040OOL 320 x6 02AUG12-

TT233 OOL0725 – 0950SYD 320 D 01SEP12-
TT235 OOL1255 – 1420SYD 320 D
TT245 OOL1720 – 1845SYD 320 D 01AUG12-
TT247 OOL2110 – 2235SYD 320 x6 02AUG12-

TT246/247 to operate Daily from 01SEP12

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BNE this morning

VH-YIG apart of Virgin's international aircraft fleet.

VH-XWM Fokker 100 operating for Virgin.

Hi Fly sent in another A340 today CS-TQL
First time visitor Falcon 900 VH-MQK.
N898TS Falcon 900 was at the GA
Lear Jet VH-LPJ
Photos by Lloyd below.

OOL Helicopters-great shot.

VH-HFS,UTL,ZSM and VH-UTY all Gold Coast based helicopters but not OOL based.
Photo Terry.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

VH-QQY today at BNE

Alliance Airlines 2nd Fokker 70 VH-QQY at BNE this morning.It operated down from CNS as QQ 555.

BNE past few days

USN C130 165314 landed from Pago and departed next day to Pearce in WA.
ATLAS AIR 744F N496MC landed yesterday from Shanghai.
G5 N508QS landed last evening from the Sunshine Coast.
CL 300 N985FM arrived on Thursday.
Pionair Convair VH-PDW was in on Wednesday.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Air Australia movements

Yesterday A320 VH-YQA operated BNE-DRW-SIN as PV001 and today VH-YQC departed all stops to the US.
Extremely sad for all concerned.

B200 at Redcliffe

Photo Bert Van Drunick
VH-CBZ is currently at Redcliffe Airport .This B200 is normally based at Townsville in Nth Queensland.