Saturday, December 31, 2011

BNE today.

TC-ETK of Atlas jet operating for Air Australia HKT-BNE today.
B-6111 A330-300 operating CZ 382 today.
VH-OEG QF 15 BNE-LAX at the hold for RWY 19
NZ136 ZK-OKP their newest 777 (Hex Code C81E05)


BNE will continue to grow around 4-5% in 2012 with pax figures of about 21.25 million and aircraft movements of around 210,000-215,000 or 5-6% growth.
New airlines possibly 3-5 covering FIFO and international services.Already Qantas has advertised DFW-BNE will go daily and Air Australia are planning to add another 10 flights a week to HKT,HNL,DPS and new routes to SGN,SHA are planned.Virgin are planning up to 78 international flights a week with increases to NZ ports as Air New Zealand reduce and also BNE-POM will go to 5 a week.
In relation to Cargo Pacific Air Express will commence a weekly BNE-FIJI flight next month.There is also the possibility of a weekly BNE-SIN freight service operated by a American carrier.

Domestically we can see continued growth to the FIFO towns such as Emerald,Gladstone,Mackay,Roma etc with both Virgin and Qantaslink adding new flights in 2012.
2012 should bring BNE new aircraft in 717,Fokker 50 and perhaps others.

Developments at the airport should bring a new domestic terminal car park ,more apron parking at the domestic ,a new viewing area for us spotters and commencement of early clearing works for the new runway.

Overall a positive year in my opinion.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

B-LDL at OOL yesterday

B-LDL at OOL yesterday after landing.It is a G550 C/N 5335.
Photo Terry Magee.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

BNE this morning VP-BEM and H4-BUS

VP-BEM this morning getting ready to go.It is a Global Express.
H4-BUS on it's layover day parked on taxyway Lima.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

BNE a few days ago

Citation 525A VH-MOR earlier this week.(s/no 525A0063)
Cessna 208B VH-OZH operates for SEAIR on a OOL-BNE-Lady Elliott flight to the Barrier Reef.

BNE past few days

Global Express VP-BEM arrived from Asia on 23 dec and today N550KF a G550 arrived from HTI .Yesterday first visit of Jetstar A320 VH-VGA which has the revised colours on the titling.Also new Virgin Australia 737-800 VH-YIE arrived on delivery as VBH 9080.
Lot's of FIFO flights this week bringing the miners home for the XMAS break.Skytrans and REX operated extra flights the past few days.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


2012 i believe brings optimism at our local airports.Today i will look at OOL.

OOL (Gold Coast) What can we expect or predict.

With nearly 6 million pax annually i believe OOL will grow slowly again this year.
Growth on domestic services may come from SYD and MEL once again.Tiger are planning a 2nd base from June 2012 possibly in Sydney.If this happens then you can be assured SYD-OOL flights will once again commence.
FIFO may well finally commence from OOL in 2012 most likely to mines in Central Queensland.Who and what we will just have to wait.
Internationally Air Asia X hopefully will increase back to daily again in 2012 .
Other carriers i am not so sure.Scoot is a possible but with 400 pax in a 777 getting out of OOL'S current runway may not be obtainable.
Trans tasman ops will most likely show some growth with all 3 carriers.

QANTAS will they or won't they come back to OOL.I believe they will come back later in 2012 with services to both SYD,MEL .

These are personally my thoughts and opinions only.

Air Australia to add BNE-Ho Chi Minh and SHA

Air Australia announced yesterday 2 new routes out of BNE to Vietnam and China .Both services will be 3 a week subject to all the approvals.First flights will commence in June 2012.
Brisbane has never been linked to Vietnam before and in the case of Shanghai(China) there are no flights currently as China Eastern no longer operate Charters there anymore from BNE.
Apparently HNL is doing great with 92% load factors and BNE-MEL may return a profit from day 1.

Air Australia along with Virgin Australia are both BNE based airlines and this being a SE QLD blog we support them both .

Sunday, December 18, 2011

GOLD COAST (OOL) past few days

PAC 750 N249NZ about to land at OOL on 16dec from AKL and then departed to our friends in CNS the next day.
Global Express N887WM landing at OOL yesterday.
Aero Commander N717MP at OOL
G4 N810LP C/N 1260

I again wish to thanks Terry Magee for posting the above photos of some special OOL movements.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

BNE movements this morning

A6-EYJ landing RWY 19 today.
BR 315 arriving RWY 19 from TPE today.
Jetconnect 737-800 operating BNE-AKL today.
DQ-FJF operating today's daily NAN-BNE flight.
VH-ZXS operating a mining charter for Aergo today.

Friday, December 16, 2011

New deliveries and new aircraft past days

On 13 december newly delivered Qantas 737-800 VH-VZV made it's debut into YBBN on QF 624 from MEL.
Virgin Australia newie VH-YFK arrived BNE on delivery on 14th December as VBH 9080.

Air Australia wet leased 332 from altasjet TC-ETK arrived from HKT as AGC 9090 on the 13th December.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Possibly a new freighter service starting

Heavylift have applied for the below using a American carrier.

50,000 kg on a weekly BNE or CNS-SIN service connecting with their 734F out of POM to both CNS and BNE.

50,000 KG will mean either a DC8-63F or 763F as they utilize capacity around this mark.

Time will tell but i would assume the flight will operate ex BNE.

ATLASjet for Air Australia

Both VH-SSA and TC-ETK together.

Taken at BNE old terminal today TC-ETK

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MORE FLIGHTS starting this week.

YBBN (BNE) will receive new flights starting from tomorrow.


BNE will be reunited with HNL from tomorrow .Last non stop flights was with Continental in the early 90's.
VC001 will make 2 flights a week on Wed,Sat
at 1800 hrs from BNE returning Mon,Sat at 1600 hrs
Schedules will change after the first week to be Wed,Fri ex BNE and returning Fri,Sun.
Flights will operate with a Airbus 330-200 VH-SSA.

Air Australia will also commence BNE-MEL twice daily MON-FRI from 15 dec and once daily on weekends.

TIGER Airways will commence a 4th daily BNE-MEL this friday night.TT 352 arrives BNE at 1905 and departs back to MEL at 1935 as TT353.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Past few days and the next day

Skytrans operated a charter to Thangool on Saturday morning returning Sunday evening.
Singapore started their extra 3 flights a week on Saturday with 777-200 9V-SQA operating this flight.Yesterday Sunday 9V-SQE operated SQ 247.
Also in yesterday was Singapore Cargo 744F 9V-SFJ.

Atlasjet 332 is due tomorrow evening to commence flights for Air Australia.

Friday, December 9, 2011

BNE today

REX SF340 VH-ZXS just landed at YBBN.This is a former Happy Air Thailand aircraft with the green scheme.It is apparently to be based at BNE .
US C130 164996 also inbound to BNE.
AMSA DO 320 VH-PPJ also has just landed as well.

BNE past 2 days

Yesterday both Jetstar Japan-OOL flights diverted into BNE due to low cloud at OOL .VH-EBB and VH-EBK were the 2 A330's involved.
Gulfstream N662CP departed to HNL yesterday.

On Wednesday we had, Highlights C441 VH-OXY of Edwards coaches armidale,B250 VH-FKB,B200
>> VH-EWG.Delivery of ATR 72 VH-FVM last night.N3050 G5 departed to
>> HNL.Lot's of medivac biz such as JCX,VVI,CXJ.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Other movements today and yesterday

Hi Fly 340-300 CS-TQM did one of it's twice weekly departures out of YBBN.
Biz today N662CP,Cit 650 VH-LYM.
Lear jets VH-JCX and VH-VVI.
Hawker 800 VH-SGY.
Today Jetstar 11 OOL-NRT diverted into BNE .VH-EBK was the aircraft involved.It then operated BNE-OOL as JQ 7992 at 1655.

Yesterday Alliance Fokker 50 VH-FKY operated BNE-ADL.Biz in yesterday were N3050 ,VH-CXJ Lear 45,VH-PSU Citation 560,VH-TMA a Premier 1.

Tuesday is King Air day.

Today so far Beech 200's and a 300 have operated 10 departures and a further 10 arrivals .
BNE-Dalby 2 flights
BNE-Sunshine Coast
BNE-Toowoomba 2 flights

As well as this so far a further 10 movements have been RFDS medivac or NSW Ambulance flights.This number can be 2-3 times this number on busier days.
Aircraft in today include VH-NSN,VH-EWG(1st visit),VH-LNJ,VH-SGV,VH-WXC,VH-KMS.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

REX/PELAIR SF340 flights this week

There has been 8 REX/PELAIR saab flights this week out of BNE .
5 to EMD and 2 to Osborne mine and 1 to HVB-MMU
Osborne mine depart at 0540 on Wed,Thurs back at 2145 On Wed and 2035 on Thursdays.

BNE-EMD 1,2,3,5 at 1700 hrs and 0630 Wednesday.Some return same day but most overnight EMD and return to BNE the next morning.

BNE-HVB-MMU-EMD Mondays at 1450 and returns from EMD at 2015.

RAAF KC-30A at BNE today

A330 tanker for the RAAF at BNE today.

RWY 19 Departures

ZK-PBI 737-800 TODAY
Emirates 77W departure 19 .
VH-YFH today
ZK-OJC on takeoff RWY 19.
HL-7553 A330-300 today
VH-VGD A320 today
ZK-ZQG of Jetconnect today.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some classics at the old terminal

Heavylift 734F and both Mineralogy MD-82'S ON Taxiway Papa and Solomons A320 on Lima taxiway at the OLD ITB at BNE airport today.

British biz at BNE today

FA7X G-PVHT at BNE this morning.This aircraft arrived yesterday from CBR.

New BNE-Fiji freight service planned.

Pacific Air Express using a TOLL 733F has filed for a weekly service BNE-NAN from Sunday 15 jan 2012 .

Application to the IASC is below