Monday, October 31, 2011

BNE today so far

B-6098 1st visit to BNE today.China Southern now operate 333's into BNE 4 times a week.
ZK-FXT 1st visit to BNE operated as AWK 91/92 AKL-BNE-AKL

BNE yesterday-Air Tractor plus C130

USN C130 165378 at BNE yesterday.

C-GBPY Air Tractor at BNE yesterday on trans pacific ferry flight
Photo F Nickelson

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Special movements past 2-3 days at YBBN

2 US military C130's have passed Thru BNE in past few days.165378 and 165350 on the 28th and 29th October.
Premier 1 N3205W was in also on the 29th .
Phenom VH-YYT and Citation 525 VH-ZGP both rare Biz to BNE made visits on Friday.Today Phenom VH-PNM also made a rare visit.
Alliance Fokker 50 VH-FKX was also in Friday-Saturday.

Qantas groundings at BNE

Due to the current grounding of QANTAS throughout the world BNE airport currently has 21 aircraft grounded here of the 108 worldwide.
1 744 VH-OEH plus 1 x 333 1 x 332 8 x 763
6 x 738 and 4 x 734
Tonight Strategic will operate a relief flight PER-BNE as AGC 5501 also another 320 AGC 2012 will operate HBA-BNE.
Virgin Australia are putting on more flights and bringing in aircraft from overseas alliance carriers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

American Challenger at OOL yesterday

Another overseas biz has landed in OOL.N68888 landed at OOL from Manado yesterday morning.Thanks Terry once again.
Photo Terry Magee

Virgin Emerald schedule announced

DJ1255 BNE0545-0740EMD x67
DJ1256 EMD0810-0955BNE x67

DJ1261 BNE1600-1755EMD x6
DJ1262 EMD1825-2010BNE x6

Operated by ATR72-500.

This now means 6 flights a day from BNE during weekdays however there is still slack in their schedules to do another BNE-GLT or BNE-EMD after 10.30am and also mayby a BNE-Bundaberg at night after the GLT flight returns ???

Monday, October 24, 2011

Another new Skytrans flight on Sundays

SKP 414 operated BNE-Clermont yesterday at 1350 back as SKP 415 at 1800 hrs.
Along with the new Saturday flight this also appears as a new FIFO charter as well.

BBJ'S lately at SE QLD airports

BBJ N789LS arrived at OOL on 10 October.
N836BA arrived at BNE last week and today Royal Jet A6-DAS transitted BNE for Hamilton Island.

N432QA at OOL

Aero Commander 500U at OOL 22October.It had arrived from PPG.
Photo Terry Magee

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Virgin Australia 3rd BNE-GLT weekday flight in their scheds.

Eff 16 January 2012 DJ 1713 departs BNE Mon-fri at 1210 and returns back to BNE as DJ 1716 arr at 1520 hrs.
The twice daily BNE-Emerald flights are still not loaded although EMD is now in their drop down menu.

BNE EVA 747 combi and PC12 at Redcliffe

EVA AIR replaced their A330-200 with a 747-400 Combi into BNE yesterday.There was a shipment of 4 koalas from BNE to a zoo in Taiwan.
Photo F.Nickelson.
PC12 VH-FDK based in ADL was seen at Redcliffe airport near Brisbane yesterday after repainting.
Photo F.Nickelson

Friday, October 21, 2011

Super Hornets flyover SE QLD this morning

Super hornets over Redland Shire today
Photo Dave Wilson.

Photo over the Gold Coast today
Terry Magee

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New daily movements record set in September

BNE recorded a average daily movements of 564 a day during September.A total of 16,906 movements were recorded for the 30 day month.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More REX Fifo to Osborne Mine

REX /PELAIR have commenced a 2nd SF340 flight a week to Osborne mine near Townsville last Wednesday.The flight departs just before 6am and returns back around 1900 hrs.This is a additional flight to Thursday flight which departs around 0900 hrs.

The increases in FIFO out of BNE is increasing every week and it looks like OOL will shortly be apart of this as well however i assume that some flights will need to originate and finish in BNE as well so BNE may still gain from this.

Brisbane northern apron expansion works

Extensive sand laying work at the northern end of the domestic terminal will eventually allow a extra 20-24 parking positions.The sand encroaches on the road near our viewing area.

BNE today


G-WABB and N604AZ at BNE

Challenger N604AZ at BNE on Monday
Photo F.Nickelson.
Falcon 900 G-WABB at BNE on Monday
Photo F.Nickelson

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Virgin Australia 3RD ATR72 due BNE tonight

VH-FVL was delivered to Perth to show off to Skywest executives however it is due tonight around 8pm-9pm as VOZ 082S.This aircraft will then go into service shortly on SYD-CBR-SYD rotations.Aircraft will be rotated thru the network.
VH-FVL arrived PER yesterday at 1315 local as SXI 1147 from Halim.
Also delivered in past few days was new Virgin 737-800 VH-YFH as VBH 9082.
VH-VUY also has been repainted in Virgin Australia colours over the weekend.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Virgin commences Gladstone today

VH-FVH operated the innaugral BNE-GLT flight today as Virgin 711 Sierra.Tomorrow BNE-Port Macquarie flights will commence.
Congrats to Virgin Australia.WELL DONE.

More new flights continued.

REX this arvo operated 2 Saab 340 flights to Middlemount around 1700 hrs .Middlemount has been picking up as a fly in fly out destination ex BNE,however this is the first time 2 flights have departed together.
Brindabella also did a J41 flight to WOL today as well.
Virgin announced a 3rd BNE-GLT flight weekdays starting mid January as mooted by me yesterday.

PAX increase in SEPTEMBER at YBBN

Sporting events driving international and domestic travel



The return of triple daily Tiger Airways services between Brisbane and Melbourne and a number of major sporting events has been credited with driving a 3.1 per cent growth in domestic passenger numbers at Brisbane Airport in recent months.

The AFL and NRL grand finals held in early October in Melbourne and Sydney respectively led to Friday 30 September being the busiest day of the month, with demand up 3.5 per cent on the same time last year.

Brisbane-Sydney and Brisbane-Melbourne services also continue to be the top interstate city pairs (in terms of volume), accounting for 45 per cent of all domestic passengers, with Brisbane-Cairns the top intrastate route (in terms of volume).

The fastest growing city pairs (in terms of volume) were Brisbane-Perth and Brisbane-Mackay.

Internationally, there has been considerable growth in capacity (+8.9 per cent) with a number of airlines adding services.

With school holidays falling in September there was also significant growth in Australian resident departures to Indonesia, Thailand and Fiji.

Other points with regards to international passenger volumes in September 2011 include:

a record number of Australian resident departures, with more than 200,000 people travelling in a month; 13,000 more than the previous benchmark set in July 2011, with Aussies accounting for 52 per cent of all arrivals and departures in September; and

  • a record number of passengers through the International Terminal in one day with 17,560 people travelling through the facility on 18 September.

Building on last year’s strong growth, Brisbane Airport also noted a combined 2.7 per cent growth in both international and domestic passenger numbers for September 2011.

Brisbane Airport Passenger Growth Summary 2011/12 Financial Year ending June 2012

Sep-11 Sep10



2011/12 to


2010/11 to




International arrivals and departures 390,235 375,609 3.9% 1,191,672 1,149,934 3.6%
Transits, transfers (outbound) 13,827 12,851 7.6% 44,868 43,046 4.2%
Domestic on-carriage 1,315 575 128.7% 3,821 2,019 89.3%
Total international passengers 405,377 389,035 4.2% 1,240,361 1,194,999 3.8%
Domestic arrivals and departures 1,411,285 1,379,951 2.3% 4,241,052 4,112,029 3.1%
Total passengers 1,816,662 1,768,986 2.7% 5,481,413 5,307,028 3.3%

Saturday, October 15, 2011

More new flights and new services

Virgin Australia announced twice daily ATR-72 flights to Emerald(EMD) from BNE starting mid JAN 2012 when aircraft 4 arrives.There is plenty of slack in their schedules to add another frequency to GLT or commence another route say BNE-Bundaberg.Time will tell however i feel having enough pilots trained may be the reason ?.

Strategic (Air Australia) 3rd weekly BNE-HKT(Phuket) flight shows commencing very late March 2012 .Flights will operate on new days of Tuesday,Thursday and Saturdays.

This coming Monday Qantaslink will add extra frequencies to Emerald,Roma and Moranbah.
Alliance is expected to add a extra BNE-Telfer flight very soon.
Skytrans in the past month have added a additional BNE-Clermont flight on Saturdays.It departs BNE at around 11am and back around 1545 hrs.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gold Coast airport special movements

Nomad VH-XGZ at OOL 10October
Photo Terry Magee
N789LS BBJ at ool 10 oct
Photo Terry Magee

Thursday, October 13, 2011

UNITED's at BNE 9 October

N128UA at BNE today in the new scheme.
Photo F.Nickelson.
N118UA at BNE 09 October
Photo F.Nickelson

Sunday, October 9, 2011

United Airlines Tech Stop in Brisbane.

Noted diverting to Brisbane this morning for a tech stop was UA 839 N118UA (United Blue Colours), also UA 863 N128UA (United/Continential Colours).

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Just to advise i will be away till October 13th so no news items or photos till then.


BNE special Trans Pacific arrivals yesterday

Air Tractor C-FDHP at BNE GA apron yesterday
Photo F.Nickelson
Air Tractor C-GYBX arrived from Honiara yesterday.
Photo F.Nickelson
N11AB arriving from Majuro yesterday afternoon.
Yesterday we had 2 Air Tractors and a King Air arrive from across the Pacific.The air Tractors will be here for the upcoming bushfire season.
Photo F.Nickelson