Monday, May 31, 2010

China Southern confirmed for BNE

Direct flights to link Brisbane, China
May 31, 2010 - 1:04PM


The resumption of direct flights between China and Brisbane will bring up to 3600 business and leisure travellers to Queensland each month.

China Southern Airlines will begin three weekly services between Guangzhou and Brisbane from 1 November 2010.

They will be the first direct flights between China and Queensland since 1997, opening the door to a potential 3600 extra Chinese travellers each month.

Premier Anna Bligh said a $520,000 advertising campaign, jointly funded by Tourism Queensland, Tourism Australia and China Southern Airlines, would promote the new services.

"... providing the option for Chinese travellers to fly direct into Brisbane and easily connect to a range of Queensland destinations allows them to bypass the southern states and spend more time and money in Queensland," she said.

Ms Bligh said China was an important market for Queensland, with 153,000 Chinese visiting the state last year, up 16 per cent on the previous year.

Tourism authorities believe Chinese visitor numbers to Queensland will grow by 10 per cent in coming years.

Brisbane Airport Corporation managing director Julieanne Alroe said China was Queensland's second largest trading partner, providing a strong case for the resumption of direct flights.

She said the education sector would also benefit as the number of Brisbane-based Chinese students increases.

"Our next goal is to convince China Southern to fly daily to Brisbane within the next two years," she said.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sounds Air Caravan at GOLD COAST

Sounds Air (New Zealand) Cessna 208B (cn0852) at OOL 24 may arriving from NLK,LDH and then departing to LRE,ISA onto the Northern Territory to operate for Kakadu Air for 3 months.
Photo Terry Magee

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Brisbane airport Common user terminal progress

Last week i flew to Cairns out of this facililty and can tell you that work has commenced on making the centre satellite into a full circle.the walkway at the end has been boarded up and the kiosk has relocated, as work is about to commence.The stairwell halfway down the concourse is now used for passengers to board their aircraft.On the tarmac a crane is in place and part of the tarmac has been roped off.
When completed at the end of the year a further 2 parking spaces will be available making a total of 9.With Jetstar soon to be operating 25 departures a day and Tiger and Alliance planning expansion and Strategic starting up, it will need the extra 2 gates and the expanded lounges and check in counters as well as kiosks. The terminal will be home to REX,Strategic,Alliance,Jetstar,Tiger and Skytrans.

Virgin Blue,Qantas,Qantaslink and Brindabella all operate out of the remaining part of the Domestic Terminal.

New services started and planned

TOLL freight have started a Monday to Thursday night freighter to Rockhampton
TFX 134 and 135 are the flight numbers.The service is operated by a metroliner.The services leaves in the early hours of the morning and arrives into YBBN around 8pm.

Brindabella are planning BNE-Moree
Moree connects with Brisbane
27 May, 2010 03:54 PM
“IT would be a great idea” is the overwhelming response to the possibility of a flight between Moree and Brisbane.

Flights between Sydney and Moree make it easy for people to travel for leisure or business.

But those wanting to travel to Brisbane or the Sunshine or Gold coasts have to make the trip by car.

Given the amount of road deaths and accidents it seems it would be more than a luxury.

Proposed by a branch of Qantas - Brindabella Airlines - it will make a 6-7 hour tiring drive into a one-hour flight.

At this stage it is scheduled for lift off on July 5.

The service will run mid-morning Monday to Friday giving holiday makers and business people a greater opportunity to make quick trips to the Queensland capital city.

Brindabella Chief Executive Officer Jeff Boyd said it would be of great benefit to the Moree community.

“Currently the only options for travelling between Brisbane and Moree are a gruelling six-hour drive or a flight via Sydney making our one-hour direct flight a highly desirable option that has long been on the radar,” Mr Boyd said.

Moree Plains Shire Council general manager David Aber said the council supported the proposal.

“The Border Rivers Transport Plan identifies the provision of a Moree to Brisbane flight air service as a strategic priority,” he said.

“Provision of the service is important to the Council’s plans for the growth of the tourism market and the Shire’s agri-business sector.”

Brindabella Airlines is a Qantas affiliate currently offering 150 flights per week to Albury, Canberra, Newcastle, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane, Tamworth and, shortly, Moree.

The service is subject to regulatory approval, however all parties are optimistic.

An official launch for the Moree to Brisbane service will be held in the coming weeks.

Friday, May 28, 2010

OOL Islander 24 may 2010

Turbo islander VH-YVH taken at OOL 24 MAY by (Terry).It is now parked alongside 3 other islanders VH-RUT,VH-MBF and VH-MBK.
Thanks Terry for the photo.I will post a few more photos taken by Terry at OOL in the next few days.

BNE and OOL today Bizjets

A few Biz today .At BNE we had Glex VH-VGX from Sydney and 2 rare ones Cessna 551 VH-JMM which i cannot recall being at BNE before and Cessna 525 VH-LDH .

AT OOL was N613WF a Global Express which may also have been their first visit as well.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I believe a imminent announcement is due but flights may start as early as next month.
Sad for BNE to lose them but OOL will be happy.Not sure of the reasons behind the move.
(Subj to change of course)

Strategic Airlines new BNE-Port Hedland scheds

Eff 3 aug A320
VC510 dep BNE at 0910 Tuesdays arr Port Hedland at 1245 pm
VC 511 dep PHE at 0010 arr BNE at 0620 Wednesdays.
Service will increase to twice weekly soon thereafter.

Happenings past 4 days

N128AB Gulfstream 400 arrived YBBN 19 may from Brunei.
Today C-GCUL Citation X is due from Pago Pago at 1700 hrs today.
I believe Alliance F50 VH-FKY did a charter to Birdsville oevr the weekend.
N661CP G5 also due tonight.
Cheers Lloyd

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happenings yesterday

Yesterday Monday we had a few Careflight biz jets thru VH-CXJ a lear 45 operated OOL-SON-BNE yesterday.Lear 36 VH-CMS operated BNE-NLK-SYD .
First time visitor was Global Express VH-LAW of Walker Air Services of Sydney.SN 9299 this Biz was registered on 26th feb 2010.
Strategic A320 VH-YQA operated another charter to Mackay as VC2002 and back as VC2003.
VH-DHE is due this Wednesday am DHL 722F

I am off on a short holiday so unless Mike or Terry post whilst i am away in Cairns I will be back next Monday

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Brisbane airport pax figures JAN-APRIL 2010

So far this year


January 375,010 -1.0% 1,191,809 -6.3% 698 1,567,517 -5.1%
February 303,973 1.7% 1,100,241 4.9% 1,164 1,405,378 4.2%
March 326,449 3.7% 1,225,907 2.1% 370 1,552,726 2.4%
April 326,360 -2.4% 1,262,277 2.9% 725 1,589,362 1.7%

INTL=International pax
G= Growth %
T= Transit pax
DOM=Domestic Pax
TTL PAX=Total pax.


Looks like 3 months of small growth has been recorded so far this year.

Strategic Airlines new services announced

Strategic Airlines to launch new services
14 May 2010
New air services between Port Hedland, Melbourne and Brisbane
Emerging Australian carrier Strategic Airlines is set to launch two new services that will open up the
East Coast of Australia to the Pilbara region of Western Australia and provide the west with greater
access the east coast of Australia.
From 3 August 2010, Strategic will fly weekly between Brisbane and Port Hedland on Tuesdays,
with the intention of increasing to two services each week in the near future.
Strategic will also launch weekly return services between Melbourne and Port Hedland from 3
August 2010.
Strategic Airlines’ Head of Commercial Damien Vasta said the airline was working with the Town of
Port Hedland, local resource companies and the community to ensure that the booming mining
region continued to prosper.
“These new services demonstrate Strategic’s commitment to opening up the East Coast of
Australia to the Pilbara region,” Mr Vasta said.
“The services between Port Hedland, Brisbane and Melbourne will provide faster and more
affordable travel between the east and west coasts, give resource sector workers and regional
residents greater access to these capital cities and help drive much needed human resources into
the Pilbara.
“Much has been said about the continually growing need for workers within the Pilbara and the time
and difficulty those looking for work on the East Coast experience when attempting to access the
“The Pilbara is one of the economic powerhouses of the nation but for too long the cost and length
of travel for east coast residents to the region has been an obstacle.
“Strategic is challenging the status quo and is focussed on providing a fair and equitable service to
these regional communities,” Mr Vasta said.
Mayor of Port Hedland Kelly Howlett says that her town will endeavour to support these new
services in every possible way.
“The Town of Port Hedland whole-heartedly welcomes Strategic Airlines, seeing its entrance to the
market as a massive boost to local tourism and economic development,” Mayor Howlett said.

SOURCE Strategic Airlines.

BNE GA today Pionair Convair

VH-PDX Convair 580 operated CNS-BNE last night.

BNE GA apron today 16th May

164996 C130 arrived yesterday evening.

Learjet at BNE GA today VH-CMS Lear 36A CN 36-032.This aircraft is a OOL based careflight machine.

The busy GA apron at BNE today had a total of 36 aircraft parked which included the C130,Convair,5 Dash 8's,7 metroliners,4 Aerocommanders plus others.

Friday, May 14, 2010

CS-TQM A340-300 series of HI FLY currently operated by Strategic.
Photo taken 11 may at old ITB at BNE.

Happenings at BNE this week so far

Challenger N604AU arrived on the 11th may from Sydney.N900LF Falcon 900 arrived 13 may from HNL and departed to PER.Both RAAF BBJ'S have been thru this week as well.Skytraders A319 was in yesterday from DRW.CS-TQM A340-300 returned as well yesterday.


Skytrans VH-QQH at BNE 11may and AIR VAN

YJ-AV1 passing the viewing area ready for a takeoff to Port Vila .

VH-QQH passing the viewing area on the 11th May

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gold Coast movements yesterday 10 may

Photo(Terry Magee)

Long-nosed Diamond DA42 VH-FGC of FUGRO in WA arrived at OOL this morning as Jerome taxis in Kingair N36715 for a regular trip to Sundown Valley near Inverell in Northern NSW.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

BNE images today

GAM Do 228 at the GA apron today.The aircraft operates 8 flights a week for resource charters to Chinchilla in SW QLD.

REX Saab 340 VH-EKD at the GA apron today.This aircraft is based here now for charters.
RP-C3330 landing 19 today from MEL.

VH-EBL Qantas A330-200 Operated a domestic sector today QF504 SYD-BNE and then QF513 BNE-SYD

Singapore newie 9V-STL A330-300 BNE ist visit

Friday, May 7, 2010

Movements past 2 days

Over past 2 days BNE has had 2 first time arrivals.Execujet lear 60 VH-EXJ delivered to Sydney in dec 2009 but rarely flown or seen in past 6 months.The aircraft operated POM(Port Moresby-BNE-SYD) on Wednesday.
Yesterday we had Hi Fly A340-300 CS-TQM arrive on delivery from Lisbon via DRW-SYD .This aircraft will operate for Strategic Airlines for a week or 2 whilst VH-SSA THEIR 332 is in for some maintenance.The aircraft is all white .
As i write this biz jet VH-LYM a citation 650 is about to land at Brisbane.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happenings at BNE yesterday 4 MAY

On a wet day BNE had 3 diversions due MEL and OOL weather.The highlight was Air Asia X 9M-XXB which diverted from OOL due to heavy rain and low cloud.QF 86 HKG-MEL also diverted to BNE .It was VH-EBL a 332.
Yesterday we had BBJ N164RJ which is a regular here and a couple of King Air's VH-WJY a B200 of Wagners of Toowoomba and B350 VH-EWQ also from Toowoomba.Both aircraft are involved in the resource charters.
Alliance Fokker 50 VH-FKY arrived from ADL to operate mining charters out of here.Great to see a new aircraft type in SE Queensland skies.
From yesterday's report Rex Saab VH-EKD will now also be based in BNE.

Cheers Lloyd

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happenings yesterday 3 MAY

Monday was a public holiday and brought us 4 visitors.RAAF Challenger A37-002 operated CBR-BNE-CBR and so did BBJ A36-001 .Both aircraft belong to the VIP squadron.Skytraders A319 VH-VHD made a 2nd visit in just as many weeks when it operated MEL-BNE-MKY late afternoon and in to the evening.
REX Saab 340 operated BNE-Alpha-HTI-BNE departing in the morning and returning in the evening.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

VH-CDG at GA apron today.

Recent delivery is Citation 525 VH-CDG .Photo taken at GA (apron).Aircraft is based at Gold Coast.

Air Pacific,Phillipines +others today

Air Pacific DQ-FJF today at YBBN and RP-C3330 of Phillipines and B-LAF Cathay A330-300 AND ZK-OKE Air NZ 772.
Photos (Lloyd)

Happenings at BNE yesterday 30apr

A few bizjets yesterday.N889CP Global Express was in and out from down South.VH-TNX Bae 125 operated BNE-NTL-BNE.
VH-KXL operated Armidale-BNE-SYD.Careflight learjet 45 VH-CXJ was also in from Overseas and out to OOL.
Bell 214 N28014 operated Caboolture-BNE-Caboolture.In on Wednesday and Thursday was Pionair Cargo Convair 580 VH-PDX Bankstown-BNE-Bankstown.