Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Special movements 19-22june

Royal Brunei operated their first 777-200 Flight on Saturday 19th June .V8-BLB was the aircraft.It also operated the flight the following day.Today 22june V8-BLA operated to Brisbane for the first time.
On the 20th June VP-CBI Mineralogy MD-82 operated BNE-BME-SIN-LON.
Qantas (One World livery) 744 VH-OJU operated the QF15 BNE-LAX and this aircraft returned today.
Monday 21 june QF 94 VH-OEJ LAX-MEL diverted to BNE.
Sunday 20 june US CA130-T 165350 arrived from WA and this aircraft departed today to Pago.
Today Falcon 7AX VP-BZE arrived from CBR.Tonight REX saab VH-EKD departed to LRE(Longreach).

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