Friday, June 18, 2010

BNE-POM freight hots up

Re: Application for PNG Route Freight Capacity
Pionair Australia Pty Ltd operates its own aircraft on an Australian issued Air
Operators Certificate and is seeking IASC allocation of 18,000kg per week
freight capacity between Australia and PNG.
Pionair Australia Pty Ltd currently operates dedicated Convair 580 cargo
aircraft that have a unique capability in the PNG context in that they are able
to operate to and from more austere runways than many other jet and
turboprop aircraft with meaningful payloads. The 18,000kg of capacity will
allow three weekly flights (6,000kg each) from Brisbane and Cairns to Port
Moresby and destinations within PNG that cannot be serviced either
effectively or economically by most other freighter aircraft.
Since 2008, Pionair have operated the Convair 580 aircraft from Australia to a
wide range of ports in PNG. Pionair has operated on behalf of many
internationally renowned clients including multi‐nationals and other airlines
and is confident that forward interest (subject to the award of Freight
Capacity) is sufficient to commence these services in July 2010.
The allocation of 18,000kg per week is requested on the following basis:
- 3 Flights per week
- Allocation for a period of 5 years
- Capacity will be utilised incrementally from July 2010 and be fully
utilised by end July 2011.
Pionair Australia

Source IASC

Recently an additional 30 tonnes freight capacity per week has been added to the
Australia-Papua New Guinea route, and PAE seeks an allocation of an additional
17.5 tonnes per week of freight capacity on the route. The additional capacity would
be utilized with a second B737-300F service operating BNE-POM-BNE.
If the allocation is granted, PAE has sufficient forward bookings to fully utilise the
additional freight capacity as soon as an amended flight schedule for the second
service is approved by the Department of Infrastructure and the PNG Department of
Allocation Sought
Pacific Air Express seeks an additional allocation of 17.5 tonnes per week on the
Australia-PNG route on the following basis:
-the allocation is requested for a period of five years;
-the capacity will be fully used by 31 July 2010.

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