Wednesday, April 28, 2010

US C208 and Rutan Defiant at OOL 27APRIL

Photos above(Terry Magee)

Virginian Rutan Defiant N57KS arrived at OOL yesterday from CNS.It is planned to join a Australian Defiant at Wedderburn south of Sydney.This aircraft is a rare midwing aircraft.Thank you Terry for sharing.
Also Cessna Caravan N208CCvisited Seair at OOL before proceeding to Bankstown(Sydney)

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Rod Sorenson said...

The pictured Rutan Defiant N75KS originated this flight in Reston Virginia, USA, flying to Sacramento, Kona, Tarawa, Panape, Cairnes, Longreach, Sydney (Wedderbern), arriving April 28, 2010. The return trip was started on April 1, 2011 via Coffs Harbor, Dunedin, New Zealand, Hamilton, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Christmas, Kona, Sacramento and Reston, Virginia. Total distance of 25,200 nautical miles. The longest single leg was 2,300 nautical miles in 13 hrs, 36 minutes. Maximum range on this Defiant, with aux tanks, is over 3,300 nautical miles, carying two passengers and gear. N57KS will be on display at EAA Oshkosh this summer.