Thursday, April 15, 2010

NEW AIRLINES for BNE later this year.??

Latest news stories report China Southern are coming back after 12 years in the wilderness.Newspaper articles in China suggest a daily 777 CAN-BNE-AKL rotation but that may be far too much for so early .
Garuda are also rumoured to be planning a comeback with up to 5 737-800 flights a week from 27october although nothing definite has been posted.
Vincent Aviation of NZ are planning a east coast base with SF 340 and BNE is a distinct possibility.
Cebu Pacific have filed for 2 flights a week MNL-DRW(tech stop)-BNE and are awaiting approvals to operate this service.

Other airlines rumoured to be looking at the possibility of flying here include Zest,Vietnam,Hong Kong Airlines,Air China and Shanghai Airlines.

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Anonymous said...

Pacific Wings

Japan Airlines in a year or two or three with 787 (not really new but on Jetspotter and other news sites they have said this and Brisbane Airport management not ruling out a return)

Delta maybe in a long, long time?