Monday, April 5, 2010

Brisbane Airport Acacia Street viewing area

Just wish to introduce people to our airport main viewing area which is best for runway 19 landings and takeoffs,runway 14 landings and runway 32 takeoffs and runway 01 takeoffs.Unfortunately runway 01 arrivals will turn off earlier than this position.The viewing area is best in the afternoon when the sun is behind us.Acacia Street has parking for approx 20-25 vehicles however if you are walking it is about a 20-25 minute walk from the Qantas end of the domestic terminal.

Hours of operation are 6am-6 pm daily.A small step ladder would be required for photography.The area has a few large trees for shade in the hot summer months.The airport is quite busy with the peak days of Thursday-Friday around the high 500 movements a day are recorded.Saturday is the quietest day with around 430 movements.I will post a few photos taken today of this area which was quite busy with spotters and enthusiasts.

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