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RFDS -Royal Flying Doctor Service

Photo (Lloyd) VH-FDB

The RFDS operate 57 aircraft Australia wide and 17 in Queensland.Of that up to 8 aircraft are BNE based FDA,FDB,FDI,FDO,FDR,FDT,FDW,FDZ.There are several other bases in QLD.

This airline carries sick and emergency patients from towns to cities and even operate out of small country airfields .They are a true Australian ICON.On most days at BNE airport they operate around 7 or 8 departures and similar number of arrivals from their GA apron terminal to towns around Queensland.Their BNE base has hangar space for 3 or 4 aircraft and the medivac facility is located on the GA apron.

Brisbane also recives the occasional PC12 which are based at Charleville and Mt Isa in outback Queensland.The Cessna 208's are based at Cairns

Our Aircraft-Queensland Section

The RFDS (Queensland Section) has a fleet of 17 aircraft including 12 Beechcraft Super King Air B200s, three Pilatus PC-12s and two Cessna Grand Caravan C208's.

The Beechcraft, which is mainly used for emergency retrieval work is capable of speeds of up to 500 kilometres per hour and a range of 1500 km, with a pilot, medical team and two patients on board.

In 2002, three Pilatus PC-12’s were introduced into the Service. The Pilatus is of a similar size to the Beechcraft, is capable of nearly 500km/hr, has a range comparable to the Beechcraft and is significantly cheaper to operate.

These aircraft are pressurised, enabling patients to be flown in at the equivalent of sea level - an essential requirement in the treatment of many serious injuries. A neonatal unit can also be carried for emergency care of babies.
In 2010, two Cessna Grand Caravan C208's were introduced to the RFDS Cairns Base for transporting our Primary Health Care staff to rural and remote communities of the Cape York region, allowing us to deliver a greater diversity of Primary Health Care services to these communities.

Source RFDS web site.

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