Sunday, February 5, 2012

Charleville Flood evacuation and rescue flights

Due to the flooding around SW QLD towns of Roma,Mitchell and Charleville the past few days there have been plenty of rescue and evacuation flights out of BNE yesterday and today.
It is early so far today however C208 VH-SJJ and Brindabella J41 have been involved so far today.

Yesterday was busy with 2 Skytrans Dash 8 flights involved in evacuations out of Charleville along with Pionair Cargo Convair bringing in relief aid.Also B200,B300 VH-WXC,SGQ,OXF
Lear jet VH-VVI did 2 flights as it is a medivac rescue lear.RFDS PC12 and King Airs did a few flights as well to Charleville.
Qld Govt Hawker VH-SGY and Citation VH-PSU also were involved .

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