Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BNE airport closed last night

Article below

From Wed.15.2.12 Melbourne 'Herald Sun' online at 8.14

Light plane belly-flops at Brisbane Airport, expect delays
Flights have been delayed at Brisbane Airport after a freight service landed without wheels on the runway overnight.
Brisbane Airport's main runway is closed and travellers are being urged to contact their airlines, after a light plane made a "wheels up" landing this morning.
The Toll Aviation turbo-prop freighter came to rest on its undercarriage about 2.30.
Incredibly neither of the two pilots was injured.
ATSB is investigating and the aircraft has been moved from the runway but it will remain closed until an inspection is complete.
Rebecca Masci from the Brisbane Airport Corporation said both the domestic and international airports were affected.
"The short cross runway has remained open and it is capable of taking aircraft up to Boeing 737 in size," said Ms Masci.
"A number of flights have been affected and we're urging passengers to contact their airline directly for information on delayed or diverted flights."
Qantas is advising passengers that flights will be suspended until at least 7.00.

I believe the airport main runway was reopened at 0600 am today.

TFX 141 was believed to have been the flight number.I don't have a registration.

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