Tuesday, February 7, 2012

BNE favourite to be Tiger's 2nd Aussie base

Speculation amongst Southern papers yesterday was that Tiger will announce a 2nd base in 2 months time with this base operational by late June.
BNE is rumoured to be the favourite.Apparently BAC and Tiger are talking currently although no decision has been made.

The benefits are BNE is centrally located with plenty of QLD destinations to the north as well as SYD,MEL,ADL,NTL,CBR to the south.A perfect geographical location for a base and if a deal can be done with Air Australia, then there is a new hangar able to fit 2 A320's side by side for maintenance .
With a expanded although busy centre satellite now able to take 7 aircraft as well as 2 at the main terminal the new capacity can take 9 aircraft.
Let's hope they select Brisbane.

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