Friday, January 20, 2012

Short trip report

Yesterday along with a good friend i travelled to Gladstone from BNE.We flew up on Qantaslink Q400 VH-QOC and came back on new ATR72 VH-FVH .Both flights took approx 1 hour in journey time.
QF6300D departed RWY 19 at 0629 and was a full ship with not one spare seat.We climbed to 20,000 ft and the flight was smooth.We were seated at the rear of the engine and noise was not a issue.Light refreshments were served by the flight attendants abd this included yoghurt,museli bar and a raisin bun.Juice or tea and coffee was also complimentary.
We landed at Gladstone on RWY 28 at 0735.

Departure was with Virgin Australia DJ 1716 at 1400 to BNE.We departed the gate at 1353 and takeoff time was early at 1359 off RWY 10.I was seated in 14F a window seat and thank you David for doing that.A little bit of turbulence and some manouvering around the cumulus clouds just after takeoff and then a light refreshment was served.This was a tasty cheese and semidried tomato wrap with relish .Water or juice as well as tea or coffee were also complimentary.
We landed at 1501 on RWY 14 at Brisbane and a 7 minute taxi to the gate saw us arrive 12 minutes early.
The ATR i feel had the nicer cabin look than the Q400 however both aircraft were a privilege to try out for the first time.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad I stumbled across this. Gladstone is my closest airport and as I was heading to Brisbane in a few weeks I couldn't decide who to fly with so I booked my tickets as GLT-BNE on Virgin Australia and BNE-GLT on Qantaslink. I'm looking forward to comparing the two aircraft myself, you've given me something to look forward to :)