Friday, January 6, 2012

JetGo Australia

JetGo Australia have had their first of several EMB-135's delivered to the completion centre in the US with expected arrival in Queensland in March.
They will be commencing charter and FIFO service from Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. The colours are believed to be as shown.

Photos attached.

We wish them all the best


Jim Woodrow said...

They have chosen a very expensive aircraft to operate compared to the F100s of QQ

Anonymous said...

They aren't competing with AA. They are in the 37 seat market. Dollar for distance the ERJ has similar costs as a Dash or Saab on trips that are in excess of 350nm...... What would you prefer, a trip time of 48 mins from Brisbane to Emerald or up to two hours in winter time in a turbo prop that we have had to endure years on end. Good on em , bring it on I say.

Anonymous said...

Is there enough FIFO business in the 350 to 550 nautical mile range 'sweet spot' to support 37 to 50 seat RJ's ?

Inside 350 miles, turboprop economics can't be beaten and outside 550 miles larger RJ's such as the F70LR and F100 offer cheaper quotes per single aircraft for the greater passenger numbers usually involved.

Although mining staff flying to a crew change might prefer a smoother ride above the weather in an RJ, rather than through the weather in a turboprop, mine management accountants always focus on the $$$ and on short flights they won't pay extra for 'jet' smoothness.