Tuesday, January 10, 2012

BNE Airport movement totals

For the year Dec 2010 to November 2011 BNE has handled 198,015 movements with a expected total of approx 199,000 for the 2011 calendar year .Average daily stats for November was approx 575 movements a day a new record.
January 2011 started off with a daily average of 508 a day so nearly a 67 movements a day increase from Jan to Nov 2011.Statistics for December are not available as yet.

So looking at November stats Aircraft over 136 tonnes was 1,878 for the month
Between 7 and 136 tonnes were 13,392 movements.
Under 7 tonnes 1,842
44 helicopter and 68 military movements.

Next year at the growth of current new services already announced and some that are expected i would believe we will overtake Melbourne in 2012 with around 210-215,000 movements annually.


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Anonymous said...

I still feel that we won't get the good carriers eg Philippines and Garuda or anything special just boring domestic services to two bit airlines. I still feel Manilla is underserviced despite the apparent failure of PR which to me was a crock. I feel also we need a third carrier to LA. So I hope you are right but we have lost too much. Now Vietnam have reconsidered Brisbane. I also think Air China should start direct flights. I know it's money and times are tough but overtaking Melbourne is not a concern, rather decent services to more destinations.