Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BNE domestic new car park progress

The new carpark info below

New Domestic Terminal car park to become a work of art


Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Limited (BAC) today announced that the new Domestic Terminal short-term multi-level car park will be the canvas for an eight-storey kinetic public art project.

BAC’s engagement of international public art consultancy Urban Art Projects (UAP) has led to the commissioning of established American artist Ned Kahn who is known for his artwork currently in the Canberra National Science Building.

Kahn, who has developed an international following for his artworks that incorporate the use of natural elements such as wind and light will collaborate with BAC and UAP’s design team to create a 5000 Sq m kinetic façade for the new Domestic Terminal short-term car park.

Viewed from the exterior, Kahn’s proven concept for one side of the car park will appear to move and create the impression of waves due to the wind passing behind 250,000 aluminum panels. Inside the car park, intricate patterns of light and shadow will be projected onto the walls and floor as sunlight passes through this kinetic façade. In addition to revealing the ever-changing patterns of the invisible wind, the artwork has many environmental benefits by being designed to also provide ventilation and shade for the interior of the car park.

The new Domestic Terminal short-term multi-level car park will also provide 5,300 undercover car spaces across nine levels, state-of-the-art way-finding technology, and innovative safety and security measures.

Picture above of progress as of today.

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