Thursday, March 8, 2012

BNE misses out on Tiger's 2nd base

After months of speculation and Brisbane being favourite to gain Tiger's second base it failed to Sydney.
The reasons why will never be revealed publicly however BNE will regain it's lost BNE-SYD services with 4 flights a day each way commencing in August.
Flights from SYD-OOL also resume.

Schedules below from Airline Routes

Tiger Airways Australia Launches 2nd Base in Sydney from Jul 2012

by JL

Update at 0940GMT 07MAR12

Tiger Airways Australia starting July 2012 is launching 2nd base at Sydney, where it’ll offer service to Brisbane and Gold Coast, while boosting service to Melbourne.

Schedule and details:

Sydney – Brisbane eff 01AUG12
Service starts with 2 Daily flights, but will increase to 4 Daily from 01SEP12
TT705 SYD0630 – 0755BNE 320 D
TT747 SYD1045 – 1210BNE 320 D
TT777 SYD1350 – 1515BNE 320 D 01SEP12-
TT821 SYD1800 – 1920BNE 320 D 01SEP12-

TT726 BNE0835 – 1015SYD 320 D
TT768 BNE1240 – 1415SYD 320 D
TT802 BNE1555 – 1730SYD 320 D 01SEP12-
TT842 BNE2005 – 2140SYD 320 D 01SEP12-

Sydney – Gold Coast eff 01JUL12
Service starts with 1 Daily flight, and will increase to 3 Daily from 01AUG12, 4 Daily from 01SEP12
TT232 SYD0725 – 0850OOL 320 D 01SEP12-
TT234 SYD1100 – 1225OOL 320 D
TT244 SYD1525 – 1650OOL 320 D 01AUG12-
TT246 SYD1915 – 2040OOL 320 x6 02AUG12-

TT233 OOL0725 – 0950SYD 320 D 01SEP12-
TT235 OOL1255 – 1420SYD 320 D
TT245 OOL1720 – 1845SYD 320 D 01AUG12-
TT247 OOL2110 – 2235SYD 320 x6 02AUG12-

TT246/247 to operate Daily from 01SEP12

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