Saturday, December 31, 2011


BNE will continue to grow around 4-5% in 2012 with pax figures of about 21.25 million and aircraft movements of around 210,000-215,000 or 5-6% growth.
New airlines possibly 3-5 covering FIFO and international services.Already Qantas has advertised DFW-BNE will go daily and Air Australia are planning to add another 10 flights a week to HKT,HNL,DPS and new routes to SGN,SHA are planned.Virgin are planning up to 78 international flights a week with increases to NZ ports as Air New Zealand reduce and also BNE-POM will go to 5 a week.
In relation to Cargo Pacific Air Express will commence a weekly BNE-FIJI flight next month.There is also the possibility of a weekly BNE-SIN freight service operated by a American carrier.

Domestically we can see continued growth to the FIFO towns such as Emerald,Gladstone,Mackay,Roma etc with both Virgin and Qantaslink adding new flights in 2012.
2012 should bring BNE new aircraft in 717,Fokker 50 and perhaps others.

Developments at the airport should bring a new domestic terminal car park ,more apron parking at the domestic ,a new viewing area for us spotters and commencement of early clearing works for the new runway.

Overall a positive year in my opinion.



Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where the new viewing area will be? Any where near the old one?

Anonymous said...

What rubbish its grim again, we need Philippine Airlines back, poor loads such crap, and Garuda, these are real airlines not the two bit airline that Brisbane has. I think we should also have a link back to Tokyo. Unrealistic? Well, perhaps and its complex but Brisbane is poorer for not having them. Also, why the hell does SQ not have an all cargo flight? Maybe increases but I doubt we will see decent new airlines or the A380, just rubbish A330. The biggest worry is Thai - they must remain at 777.