Monday, November 14, 2011

Movements today at BNE

Vee H Aviation metro VH-VEU operated Ballera to BNE this morning.A possible FIFO charter ?
Tonight it's sister ship VH-VEK metro arrived from Canberra.
This afternoon REX-Pelair Saabs operated BNE-MMU-EMD-BNE and BNE-HVB-EMD-BNE.
Both aircraft are still inbound back to BNE.
Local Saabs VH-EKD and VH-OLM operated these flights.

Biz today Citation VH-ING and Falcon 900's VH-LUL and N146EX.
Challenger N604AU
USAF G3 86-0403.

2nd Vee H metro VH-VEK operated CBR-BNE-SYD last night most likely a freight run.

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