Friday, September 9, 2011

BNE movements this week so far.

Alliance Fokker 50 movements this week have been VH-FKZ on 5 and 6 sep and today VH-FKW operated ADL-BNE-BKE(Bourke) on it's Lake Eyre tour.
Exciting biz this week has been G-SANL a Global Express which arrived yesterday from the Maldives.It is expected to depart today or tomorrow to NZ.
Arriving today was Falcon 900 P2-ANW from AKL.
N55LC a Falcon also arrived during the week as well as N550PR a G550 which had done a few trips ex BNE over the past week.

New delivery was Virgin Australia 737-800 VH-YIB arriving from CHC on 07sep.

This week has seen some new mining FIFO flights with yesterday seeing Skytrans add 2 extra flights BNE-Clermont and BNE-Emerald as SKP 1044 and SKP 1018 respectively.On the inbound yesterday Skytrans had a extra 3 new arrivals being SKP 1045 AND 1047 from CMT and SKP 1019 from EMD.
Out of interest BNE had 25 mining departure flights yesterday alone and 20 arrivals.

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