Saturday, February 26, 2011

Special movements at BNE this week

This week saw new Biz VH-URR a Challenger 604 .Also American Global Express N324SM and Falcon 900 N960SF and ERJ 135 N580ML.
Sunday saw Korean bring in a new 332 HL-8227 from SEL.
New Virgin Blue E-190 VH-ZPQ arrived on Tuesday on delivery.
Special and star visitor this week was Astreus 757-200 G-STRX in Iron Maiden colours which arrived yesterday.
At the GA apron yesterday was Maroomba Dash 8-100 VH-QQE .French B300 F-GICA was in from NOU yesterday and out to CNS.
The earthquake in CHC brought us two relief RAAF C17'S .A41-208 Was in Wednesday and A41-206 was in Thursday.
A quite interesting and busy week for BNE.

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