Monday, January 3, 2011

Special movements due to floods in Sth QLD

In past week there has been lot's of flooding in ROK(Rockhampton)EMD(Emerald)BDB(Bundaberg) and a further 19 towns across the state.
ROK airport is now closed to air traffic .In the past few days Skytrans have operated up to 6 departures a day from BNE to ROK, before it was closed, EMD ,Blackwater.Some flights were for evacuations and some for bringing in provisions.
Today we have a ATLAS 744F N492MC operating between BNE and CNS in support of provisions for these floods which are amongst the worst ever seen.N492MC is expected to operate 3 flights today and again tomorrow.
GAM DO228 has also operated at least one flight to Blackwater.GWA Navajo's have also been doing flood flights as well out of BNE.

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